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Top 5 Amazing University Libraries

Posted on Dec 06, 2018
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Libraries are a very important cornerstone of every university. They help enhance the on-campus experience of any student studying at the university. Though the ambience and the vibe of a library is extremely important; what is more important is the books housed in that library. Here is a list of 5 amazing libraries that will definitely enhance your study abroad experience:

  1. 1. Johns Hopkins University – George Peabody Library

    The George Peabody Library is one of the most beautiful library spaces in the world, but is also an essential space for teaching and research. The library contains 300,000 volumes, mainly from the 19th century, with strengths in religion, British art, architecture, topography and history; American history, biography, and literature; Romance languages and literature; history of science; and geography, exploration, and travel.

  2. 2. Cornell University – Uris Library

    Uris Library is a popular campus destination as it is the oldest library building at Cornell. Uris is also home to the Andrew Dickson White Library, which was built to hold the 30,000 books that formed the personal collection of Cornell’s first president, Andrew Dickson White, which he donated when the building opened in 1891. A few highlights of the library include 8 Million print books, 71,000 cubic feet of various manuscripts as well as over 1 million e-books.

  3. 3. Columbia University – Nicholas Murray Butler Library

    The library was originally named South Hall, being renamed the Nicholas Murray Butler Library in 1946, in memory of the president of the university. Butler Library houses two million volumes comprising the University’s collections in the humanities, with particular strengths in history (, literature, philosophy and religion, as well as one of the country’s most extensive collections of materials pertinent to the study of Greco-Roman antiquity.

  4. 4. Harvard University – Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library

    Widener holds one of the world’s most comprehensive research collections in the humanities and social sciences. Over the last 100 years, Harvard’s scholars, patrons and staff have made as many discoveries and connections at Widener Library as there are books in its immense stacks.

  5. 5. University of Michigan – Cook Legal Research Library

    It was originally built in 1931 to hold around 350,000 volumes and then in the 1950’s there were four floors added to the stacks. This library not only has the World’s best Collections of research material, but also houses Cook’s Library from his Manhattan townhouse. The Cook Legal Research Library is magnificent and grand, having spires, stained glass windows, and metal works.