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Harvard University

a. It was named after John Harvard in 1638 who upon his death left his library and half his estate for the university. In 1910, Crimson was officially designated as the color of Harvard. The motto of the university is “Veritas” (Latin for “truth”). It even has a chartered corporation namely Harvard Corporation. The main campus of Harvard is 209 acres wide and is located in the city of Cambridge in Massachusetts, United States.

Key Statistics

  • 1687 Class Size
  • 5% Overall Admit Rate
  • 12% International Students


  1. Student Life - Harvard has a total of around 22,000 students enrolled in various college, graduate and professional programs. There are over 400 official student organizations for various extra-curricular activities, thus keeping the community active all the time.

  2. Academics - Harvard has various academic units such as Harvard College, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Kennedy School of Government, Medical School, etc. The classes at Harvard are famous for being small in size, teaching fascinating course topics, and offering unprecedented research opportunities.

  3. Financial Aid - Harvard offers financial aid in various ways such as scholarships, loans, Outside Awards, etc. Harvard offers to cover 100% of demonstrated need while expecting the parents' contribution to be 0 if the income is less than $65,000. Over 50% of students receive scholarship aid each year, with over 20% of students' families paying nothing.

  4. Campus Services - After the completion of freshman year, the students are accommodated in one of the 12 iconic houses. These houses lay the foundation of their upper-class experience and are home to countless traditions and numerous opportunities.

  5. Library - Harvard library system has over 18 million items across its 79 individual libraries. According to the American Library Association, it is the largest academic library of the United States and one of the largest in the world. Some of the most prominent ones in this system are Cabot Science Library, Houghton Library, Widener Library, etc.

Notable Alumni

  • Matt Damon American Actor, Recipient of one Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards
  • Subramanian Swamy Indian Economist and Politician, Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha
  • Meg Whitman Former President and CEO of HP Enterprise; Former President and Chief Executive Officer of eBay
  • Ban Ki-moon Former and 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations