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All About Ivy League Colleges and Why Indian Students Should Aim for Them

Posted on Aug 08, 2018
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When asked for a list of the top universities to study abroad at, the Ivy League Schools are sure to figure in any credible list. In fact, the Ivy League degree in India and abroad have almost become a symbol synonymous with academic excellence and intellectual grit. However, as much as the “Ivy League College” is famous among Indians and other international students that wish to study abroad at a top university, not many know what exactly it is that gives these colleges the name, or the prestige.

What are the Ivy League Schools?

The “Ivy League” as a term was first applied to these colleges in 1954, when the NCAA Athletic Conference for Division I was formed – yes, it was initiated as a group of schools whose prestige came through their sports performances, and not the academic renown it has accumulated over the years and around the globe.
There are eight Ivy League Colleges, listed in alphabetical order below:

• Brown University
• Columbia University
• Cornell University
• Dartmouth College
• Harvard University
• The University of Pennsylvania
• Princeton University
• Yale University

These colleges, over the years, gained repute over the years as the admissions started growing increasingly more selective and the entrance even more competitive. Only the brightest are taken in, and some of the world’s most prominent leaders and personalities have made their way through the Ivy League colleges, including Mark Zuckerberg (though he dropped out of Harvard later), former US Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush.

With this selective an admission process and this decorous an alumni pool, the Ivy League has naturally gained an elite status that extends to its students as well – making the Ivy League graduate gain an elite social status, supplemented by the fact that Ivy League graduates earn much more than other school graduates by the time they graduate and are settled in their careers, going upwards of over 250000 USD in the case of the top ten percent Harvard graduates and a still commendable 145000 USD at the lowest end of the same scale.

Why Attend College at an Ivy League College?

Attending an Ivy League University for your study abroad is not merely a matter of prestige – these colleges have developed excellent infrastructure, employ some of the best faculty from around the world, and have repeatedly made their place among the top universities in the world. This excellence alone warrants the fact that their admissions are as selective as they are – accepting only 4.6% of the total applicants (at Harvard) up to 10% at Cornell.
Apart from just these, the Ivy League also allows you access to a network of both – bright-minded batchmates as well as an alumni network that includes world leaders and eminent personalities. From a personal development point of view, the title of being an Ivy League graduate doesn’t merely put you in a position that makes you hot cake in the job market, but develops you at a personal level that lets renders you a more confident, competent person.


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