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Top 6 MBA-Founded Start-ups to Watch Out For

Posted on Dec 03, 2018
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Start-up – what does it mean to you? A tiny company looking to dish out ripple over ripple of disruption in an industry? Does it mean an ideal workplace? Does it mean risk?
Whatever it means to you, to these graduates and MBAs from top business schools, the ‘start-up’ is their own creation of toil, of hard work and of ambition. Both these terms have seen a growth that’s set only to increase as time passes – the MBA and start-up, are both terms that are not merely popular; these oftentimes come together to shape some of the most wonderful organizations set to plug the several flaws and inconveniences in the modern world, or merely to change an aspect unsavoury to the majority.
Among the thousands of start-ups operating at this very moment, a few stand apart because they have an MBA-backed founder leading the team. Here are the top five:
  1.  1. Burger Singh – Kabir Jeet Singh

  2. Built around one food product that’s a global favourite and has a market tapped into by most major F&B brands, Burger Singh stands out to its Indian audience for one reason – Fusion. Kabir Jeet Singh, a graduate from Oxford Saïd Business School, set up Burger Singh in India in 2013 to offer a budget meal of burgers with that Indian twist we all love.

  3. 2. iFeel – Amir Kaplan

  4. Amir Kaplan’s passion for entrepreneurship drove him to leave his job in Israel and pursue his MBA at IE Business School, renowned for its entrepreneurial focus. Driven to make a social impact, Kaplan co-founded iFeel, a digital healthcare platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to connect members to a community of therapists online. At $30 a week, iFeel claims that it is almost 70% cheaper than traditional therapy and can reach people globally.

    “MBAs’ and ‘startups’ oftentimes come together to shape some of the most wonderful organizations set to plug the several flaws and inconveniences in the modern world”
  5. 3. Invento Robotics – Balaji Viswanathan

    With an MBA from Babson College, Balaji Viswanathan co-founded the start-up Invento Robotics with Mahalakshmi Radhakrushnan and Bharath Kumar. Invento, working from the robotics and technology space aims to plug existing voids in society. Balaji says, “Robots bring no more layoffs than washing machines do”, suggesting that these can perform jobs that humans do not, or choose not to do. Having caught the eye of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Invento Robotics is now competing with top robotics companies worldwide.

  6. 4. JetSetGo – Kanika Tekriwal

  7. Kanika Tekriwal an MBA graduate from Coventry University founded JetSetGo initially as a medium to connect consumers to aggregators in the private jet industry and has now grown from having just one flight running every week, to having a flight in the air every single day. What’s more, it makes an attempt at making the private jet experience cost-effective for people, with JetSteals, where Kanika claims to have flown people from Mumbai to Delhi in a private jet for a mere Rs 10000!

  8. 5. Banyan Nation – Mani Kishore Vajipeyajula

  9. Founded by Columbia Business School MBA graduate Mani Kishore Vajipeyajula, Banyan Nation is a start-up that looks to revolutionize the waste management space in India and turn the tables in the fight against plastic pollution. Identifying the inefficient nature of plastic recycling in India and in looking to make it a more efficient process, Banyan Nation is one start-up in this space to watch out for.

  10. 6. StanPlus – Prabhdeep Singh

  11. With an MBA from INSEAD Business School, Prabhdeep Sign co-founded StanPlus with Antione Poirson and Jose Leon. StanPlus is a health-tech and delivery start-up that, in the simplest sense, can be understood as an Uber for ambulances. Looking to build a private medical helpline in India, StanPlus looks to trim down the current average arrival time for an ambulance to a patient from 40 minutes down to a quick 15 minutes.

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