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Transfer to an Ivy League School

Posted on Jan 09, 2020
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Are you a student who is looking to transfer into an Ivy League School? Well getting transferred into an Ivy League is a herculean task, not an impossible one. Today most Ivy schools accept transferred students but the acceptance rate at these colleges is as low as 1-2%.

For admission into the program, college admission directors evaluate your profile and understand the reason behind your transfer. They will take into consideration your grades, SAT/Act scores, projects, and activities.

Transfers occur when student shifts from one college to another due to academics, social or location reasons. Some of the other reasons are as follows

1) When the family needs to relocate to another place
2) Student finds the tuition fees and expenses expensive
3) The Student wants to change his/her majors
4) The student is not happy with the teaching process and the academic structure
5) The student doesn’t feel the college is a right fit for him/her
6) Sports and Military transfer

Confused about which college is best suited to you? Well, here are few Ivy league colleges which explain their requirements and criteria for their transfer programs

Harvard college
Harvard college receives over 1500 transfer applications yearly from which they accept around 12 students. This transfer process at Harvard is competitive. The admission committee at Harvard looks out for candidates with achievements in a rigorous program and specialized field, good grades, test scores, strong recommendations, extracurriculars, and skills like leadership, creativity, resiliency, intellectual curiosity, and independent thinking.

Princeton College
Princeton university receives around 1400 transfer applications yearly from which around 13 students get accepted. While selecting these 13 students the colleges’ lookout for an individualized holistic review of each applicant’s achievements, talents, and potential which will contribute more learning into the classroom. The admission committee also encourages students with low-income backgrounds, community college students and US military veterans.

Columbia College
Transfer applicants must use the Coalition Application to apply for admission to Columbia. Columbia College accepts around 6% of transfer applications. The admission committee doesn’t just focus on grades and test scores but on a variety of factors like family circumstances, student’s personality, student’s involvement in activities, recommendations. The selection process is a holistic one and a committee-based approach where the application is discussed with multiple officers. The requirements for the Columbia transfer program are the Coalition application form, transcripts, LoRs, Standardized test scores.

Brown University
The transfer acceptance rate at brown university is 9.4%. Around 190 students get admitted for spring and around 134 students get accepted for fall. The admission process at brown is a highly selective one as they choose students who will bring long commitments to extracurricular activities and add value to the classroom. Like any other college, the requirements for brown university are transcripts, recommendation letters, and standardized test scores.

Yale University
In 2019, Yale received around 1360 applications where around 24 students accepted the transfer program. Yale university usually has a small number of potentially transferred students who can contribute to the Yale community. The transfer requirements for Yale are high school and college transcripts, LoRs, Essay, standardized test scores and a minimum of 9 credits

Hope these points were helpful if you need to know more about the various transfer programs, I suggest you visit the college website to understand the requirements. Also, if you need further guidance please reach out to www.reachivy.com