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Top Universities in the USA

Posted on Nov 08, 2019
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USA is the most popular, coveted study abroad destination among Indians. There are over 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States and about 50 of them rank in the top 100 universities around the world list. In a country with such a rich treasure of educational institutions, it becomes increasingly difficult to make the right choice. So, here’s a list of some of the best universities USA has to offer.

  • 1.Princeton University

One of the colleges in the prestigious Ivy League, Princeton tops the National University Rankings by the US News. Established in 1746, the college boasts of a campus of around 600 acres. It is one of the oldest institutions in America and one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution. Princeton is well-known for its courses in Humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. Notable alumni of Princeton include 65 Nobel Laureates, 15 Field Medalists, former President Woodrow Wilson, Michelle Obama and prominent members of the U.S Congress and U.S Cabinet.

Located outside Boston, Harvard is made up of 13 schools including the most sought-after Business School, Medical School and Law School. It is the United States’ oldest institution established in 1636. Harvard is also known for its exceptional library which has the oldest and largest private collection of books in the US. Alumni of Harvard include eight U.S presidents, 62 current billionaires and 158 Nobel Laureates.

Initially started as King’s College, it got renamed as Columbia University in 1784. The current location of the college is New York and is known for its ground-breaking research and breakthroughs in the field of science. The Columbia physics department has graduated 33 Nobel Prize winners. Columbia’s other alumni include five of the Founding Fathers of the United States and three U.S Presidents. Columbia Business School, Law School and School of Physicians and Surgeons are some of the most prestigious schools in Columbia University.

  • 4.Yale University

Yale is another private Ivy League university in Connecticut and is the third-oldest educational institution in the United States. It is known for being highly selective with the lowest acceptance rate. Yale claims to have some of the best faculty members and college facilities. The college is also popular for its exceptional drama and music programs. Some notable Yale alumni include 5 U.S Presidents, 61 Nobel Laureates, Bob Woodward, Edward Norton and Meryl Streep.

Located near Lake Michigan, University of Chicago is a private university founded in 1890. It is we3ll known for its professional schools like Pritzker School of Medicine, the Booth School of Business and Harris School of Public Policy Studies. Some of the other popular undergraduate and postgraduate courses are Sociology, Economics, physics and political science. There are over 400 student clubs and organizations in the University like Cultural and Religious groups, academic clubs, etc. The U of Chicago organizes a scavenger hunt every year wherein large teams of students participate to collect various obscure items.

  • 6.MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology or commonly known as MIT is a private university founded in 1861. It is largely known for its School of Engineering and MIT Sloan (School of Management). Other undergraduate and postgraduate programs popular among students are economics, political science, urban studies, linguistics and physical sciences. MIT is widely recognized for conducting extensive research and technological innovation. It is one of the toughest schools to get in and the competition for admission is fierce.