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Crack Top College Applications In 7 Easy Steps and Get That Admit

Posted on Nov 29, 2018
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Are you a study abroad aspirant looking to crack a top university’s application process? Do you know what the acceptance rate at Harvard and Stanford was last year? 5 percent. That’s right; only 5% of the total applicants got into these top colleges. This trend is barely surprising, however. The higher-end of acceptance rates was still at a highly selective 13% at Cornell University, and 20%, when considering European giants such as Oxford and Cambridge. The takeaway from these numbers? College admissions are becoming a highly selective process, and college applications now demand even more from the candidate than they did before – academically and otherwise.

However, the entire college application process can be made easy if one is smart about it.

How to Crack Top College Applications

  1. 1. Start Early. Finish strong!
  2. The college application and admission process does not start a month before the deadline. It starts much before that – aiming for good grades, getting meaningful extracurricular activity under your belt and most importantly, figuring out what college/country suits you best are all important activities that will help bolster your application.

  3. 2. Explore Your Career Interests
  4. It is imperative to make sure that what you will be learning abroad is what you want to do in terms of a career. Instead of scrambling during the college application process to find a suitable course, take up internships or community activities and find what you truly like to do.

  5. 3. Work and Live Like a Leader
  6. This doesn’t merely go for the bee-line of MBA aspirants out there. In developing the flair for leadership, you put yourself at an advantage early on.

  7. 4. Enhance Your Vocabulary and Communication Skills
  8. An excellent vocabulary doesn’t necessarily always mean excellence communication skills. However, these are correlated and fit extremely well with each other. This even spills onto your college application and admission process, given that you’ll be able to better communicate your goals, aspirations and reasons for wanting to study at a top college abroad in a better, more convincing manner.

  9. 5. Involve Your Family and Friends in Your Journey
  10. Do not go solo into the storm, young padawan; you are far too inexperienced. Involve your family and friends in this challenging yet rewarding journey of studying abroad and tackling the college application process. They will be able to guide you and provide immediate support as you go on.

  11. 6. Learn to Stay Calm Under all Circumstances
  12. This is another skill you need to pick up that will go a long way in helping you outside of the college application and admission process. You will find yourself stumbling or hit a difficult question or two, or even find yourself rejected by the school of your choice. However, it is important to keep your spirits high and focus on the greater objective of getting quality education at a top university.

  13. 7. Apply to More Than 1 University
  14. Seriously, apply to more than just one university. You might not want to apply to all the eight Ivies, but it is smart to apply to more than one university during your college application process. This not only softens the blow of a rejected application or a waitlist, but also increases your chances of studying at a top university.

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