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University of Oxford

Oxford University is a unique and historic institution as it is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. While no exact date of foundation is known, teaching existed at Oxford in some form in 1096. It grew rapidly from 1167 when Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris. Women were first admitted to full membership of the University in 1920. In 1947, the five all-male colleges first admitted women and, since then, all colleges have changed their statutes to co-educational. The motto of the university is “Dominus Illuminatio Mea” (Latin) that translates to “The Lord is my Light” in English. The university is located in the city of Oxford in England, United Kingdom.

Key Statistics

  • 3270 Class Size
  • 19% Overall Admit Rate
  • 14% International Students
  • 50% Women Percentage


  1. Student Life: There are nearly 24,000 students at Oxford, including 11,747 undergraduates and 11,687 postgraduates. Every undergraduate belongs to a college which means you will have your own close-knit Oxford community. You will also have lots of opportunities to join groups, societies and campaigns, celebrating diversity and promoting change.

  2. Academics: There are roughly 100 major academic departments, which are overseen by the four academic divisions: Medical Sciences; Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences. Oxford's core teaching is based around conversations, normally between two or three students and their tutor, who is an expert on that topic. Colleges organise tutorial teaching for undergraduates. Tutorials are central to studying at Oxford, giving students an opportunity to discuss and explore their subject in small groups with an expert in the field.

  3. Research: Some courses, particularly those lasting four years, offer the chance to produce your own research and to work alongside other researchers at the University. These projects can lead to exciting careers or further study opportunities. Oxford's research activity spans more than 70 departments, the colleges, more than 1,800 academic staff, more than 5,400 research and research support staff, and 5,900 graduate research students.

  4. Library: 100+ libraries, 13 million printed items, 80,000 e-journals. Many college libraries are open 24 hours a day (just in case you have a late-night essay crisis) during term time. There are over 4000 study spaces in the main libraries, so you'll always find somewhere to work. As well as books, there are collections of rare manuscripts, maps, and music

Notable Alumni

  • David Cameron Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • Rachel Maddow American television host and political commentator, Host of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC
  • Theresa May Current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party
  • Manmohan Singh Former Prime Minister of India; Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India