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Upcoming Courses To Study Abroad

Posted on Nov 01, 2019
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The field of education is vast and there are a variety of options for students when they are planning to study abroad. Traditionally, students would move out of their own country to study subjects like engineering, technology and business. It is interesting to see the shift in paradigm with herds of students going to countries like USA, UK, and Canada to study unusual courses. Some of these upcoming courses gaining massive popularity in foreign universities are

  • Public policy and administration
  • Public administration programs are designed for students wishing to pursue a career in either government or non-government/ non-profit organizations. Right from an undergraduate to a Ph.D. degree, it is an excellent program for people interested in public affairs and government systems. With programs available in top schools abroad like Columbia SIPA, Cardiff University, Syracuse University, Indiana University- Bloomington, etc. it is a great way to study international relations and understand different political systems. Masters in Public Administration is one of the most sought-after degrees for many Indian students

    • Nursing

    According to the World University Rankings, the most popular undergraduate degrees are the one allied with medicine. Apart from becoming doctors and researchers, nursing is another upcoming program students interested in medicine go for. It is one of the safest career choices as well. Wherever you go in the world, nursing skill is in demand. Top schools also offer a variety of specializations and opportunities to grow as a professional. In recent years, most countries have come up with vocational training programs as well. Top nursing schools include the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard Medical School, King’s College London, etc.

    • Architecture

    Studying architecture at a foreign university is a great way for students to pursue their dream of designing and constructing projects. Students looking to complete a pre-professional study in architecture have the option of enrolling in a five-year Bachelors’ in Architecture program or they can opt for a BA or BSc and then go for a master’s program. BArch. Gives you a foundational knowledge of designing practical and aesthetic structures, learn architecture theory and project planning. A master’s degree then takes it to the next level by teaching advanced concepts and providing specializations in very specific fields like urban planning and sustainable design. Top schools for architecture are MIT, UC- Berkeley, Harvard University, ETH Zurich, etc.

    • Biological sciences

    Biological sciences, the study of life and living organisms include many different areas of study like biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, evolutionary biology, etc. Some universities offer joint degree programs with other sciences while some offer specialized degrees. From anatomy to zoology, there are countless options available for students interested in biology. Popular career options include science technician, medical laboratory technologist, academia, and research associate.

    • Human computer interaction

    Since HCI was considered as an emerging discipline, the field of human-computer interaction and design has exploded. Interaction design is an interdisciplinary field including disciplines from art and design schools, computer science programs, engineering schools as well as independent research centers. There is no interaction specific job after graduation, but there is huge scope in virtual reality, web development, product design, and mobile apps. An interaction design job description might look different from company to company and product to product. The job itself may be more oriented toward management, organization, and planning, or toward the actual work of designing, analyzing, researching, and producing products. Some of the top schools offering this program are UC- Berkeley, Georgia Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Stanford, etc.

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