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In-Office Chat With Admissions Officer, Rotman School of Management

Posted on Nov 01, 2019
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Today, it was great pleasure for ReachIvy.com to host an event with Rotman School of Management. The session was an in-office session that gave us a broad perspective on the experience of studying abroad. The admissions officer from Rotman School of Management, Imran Kanga helped us understand Rotman’s requirements and gave us valuable tips on how to crack the admission process with ease.
Rotman school of management is a graduate business school located in the heart of Toronto. Being in the prime location and a part of the University of Toronto sets the university apart when it comes to accessibility. Rotman School of Management being a research-intensive university proves to be beneficial to many students and helps achieve a great name amongst the other universities.

Key Takeaways from an in-office Interaction session between Imran Kanga and Vibha Kagzi, CEO, ReachIvy.com are as follows:

  • 1.Academics
  • The 2-year MBA program at Rotman is an intense 20- months program which comprises of 16 months academics and 4 months mandatory internship. You may wonder why is it mandatory? Well, Rotman’s career centre did a research and found out that a student with an internship was three times more successful in landing a full-time placement than a student without an internship.
    Further on, the MBA course is split into 3 parts, first is the core curriculum which is for 8 months. The 8 months core module covers up all the business functions from finance, operations right up to economics. After one completes the core term, they jump into their summer break i.e. the internship period. Coming to the second year, students at Rotman have an opportunity to customize their MBA program by selecting from 15 different fields of interests like brand management, business design, consulting, funds management and so on.
    The MBA class at Rotman consists of usually 296 students from which 180 are international students. Rotman makes it a point to attract a diverse range of professional and academic backgrounds which creates more learning in the classroom.

  • 2.Social Life
  • Rotman believes in the saying “Open minds, open doors”. Based on this ideology Rotman has come up with over 40 different clubs at the business schools. Clubs like the industry club consists of small clubs for finance, marketing, consultancy, and other functions. Besides the industry clubs, Rotman encourages clubs for sports and various activities such as golf, yoga, wine and culinary. Imran stated that each one should join these clubs and gain valuable experience which will help them grow personally and mentally.
    Ever wondered what are the other social life activities? Well, as Toronto is a metropolitan city, they have outdoor activities like sailing, camping, rowing, skiing and much more. Rotman also has a lot of cultural, food and career-related events to encourage and showcase a wide range of diversity within the Rotman’s community. Apart from social life, Rotman also has a student fellowship program where students get a chance to work directly with organizations to gain and tackle real-life challenges.

  • 3.GMAT or GRE
  • Rotman like many other colleges accepts both the GRE and the GMAT scores, however, Rotman advises and prefers students to take the GMAT exam as they find it easier to evaluate a student based on the GMAT scoring. Rotman doesn’t accept a super score for GMAT, for example, if one person has taken the test for 3-5 times Rotman takes the highest score from these attempts.
    For those you have passed CFA level 3, need not give the GRE or the GMAT Exam as the applicant is automatically considered for the test score requirements.
    Imran also advised saying that one should never cancel their score in the application process, as the college would like to see the increase in growth for all the exams taken. For example, if you score 530, 580 and then score a 680, it’s a huge growth difference which is appreciated by the Rotman school of business.
    An amazing fact for the matter is the class of 2021, where the average GMAT score is 669 and the range of the GMAT score from 560-760.

  • 4.Work Experience
  • The average work experience at Rotman School of Management is about 5 years but as they have adapted to the research method, the school accepts students with work experience ranging from 2 up to 11 years from a various domain. This helps every student to gain a few things and share from their experience different learning with their peers. Another interesting fact is that the average age for an MBA program is around 27 years.

  • 5.Application Process
  • The application process has 4 components, first is the intellectual horsepower where the admission officers look into the GRE or GMAT scores. The next component is the work experience where the admission officer will go through the applicant’s resume and see what impact they have bought to their past companies. The admission officers suggest to focus and highlight more on the accomplishments rather than the title and profile for they want to see students having leadership potential. The third component is the communication and presence aspect. In this category, the admission officers check the two video essays submitted by the students to see how the students present themselves and how efficient are their communication skills.
    The fourth is spike factor which sets candidates apart from each other. Rotman doesn’t have any traditional essay like why MBA? but they have a 1000-word essay on the spike factor. They suggest every student should elaborate on their spike factors.

  • 6.Scholarships
  • Every applicant that is admitted to the MBA program is automatically accessible for scholarships. Rotman has over 4.5 million Canadian dollars for financial aid that they award every year to students. It ranges from 10000 dollars right up to 120000 Canadian dollars covering up the entire Tuition fees. The average Scholarship for international students is around 25000 Canadian dollars. Rotman also offers loans as they are associated with 2 large Canadian banks and also partnered with financial companies. All these scholarships are merit-based scholarships

    Hope all these key takeaways were helpful. If you ever need help or any further guidance- Reach out to ReachIvy.com.

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