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Why Should I Study in Italy?

Posted on Nov 01, 2019
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Italy is one of the most visited countries in Europe, alluring tourists and students alike with its charm and grandeur. Studying abroad is not simply going to classes and staying in your dorms. It comprises of invaluable experiences in the countryside, interacting with locals and immersing yourself in the vibrancy of the city. There are plenty of countries to choose from for international students and I am here to tell you that Italy should be on that list.

Top universities with great international program
Italy is home to some of the best universities in the world. It is a major hub for art enthusiasts, architects, engineers, and design students. With an impressive record of alumni, Politecnico di Milano ranks 5th for Art and Design and 7th for structural engineering around the world. Other notable universities include Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Universita di Bologna, and Sapienza- Universita di Roma.

  • University of Bologna
  • This iconic university deserves a separate point, trust me. Harboring alumni like Nicolaus Copernicus, Guglielmo Marconi, and Giovanni Pascoli; Universita di Bologna is one of the oldest educational institutes in the world. The name Bologna might ring a bell as it is the name given to the process of changing education systems in Europe making them more compatible for students- the Bologna process. The university currently offers 101 different ‘Laurea breve’ or first-level courses for 3 years followed by 108 ‘Laurea specialistica’ or second-level degree courses for 2 years.

    • Affordable living

    Italy is one of the top places for getting high-standard education and that too at relatively low costs. For a country this endowed with heritage, history and attractions, it is surprisingly amazing how affordable the living costs are. Average tuition fee costs around 850-1000 EUR per year. The median living expenses are around 700-1000 EUR/year. Rome, Venice, Bologna are some of the most experience cities whereas Pisa, Turin and Padua are relatively cheaper.

    • Cuisine (“the real pizza”)

    This might the most important factor for the foodies here. Italy gave birth to one of the most amazing dishes in the world that is pizza and here is where you will obviously get one of the most authentic pizzas in the world. As for Pasta, Ravioli, Lasagna and other classic dishes, Italy takes great pride in its culinary marvels. Even the cheapest wines are better than most wines in other countries

    • Culture and Language

    Italian is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. If you have learned Italian in your school, this is a great way of putting it to practice. And for those who haven’t why not learn a new, foreign language and boost your brain power!
    Italy is considered as the birthplace of Western civilizations and has initiated many movements through history. It is the birthplace of the Opera and Ballet. The country is the heart of Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-classicism and many other phenomena. It is rich in heritage and holds an important place in world history

    • Surrounded by Art and Architecture

    Italian art has influenced many major movements through centuries and is home to 54 World Heritage Sites. Especially students studying fashion, art and architecture, this would be the best choice of country for you. Italian cities are known for their aesthetics and you would find spectacular monuments throughout the country. Some of the iconic and historic sites include Rome’s Colosseum and Pantheon, Pisa’s Leaning Tower and Florence’s Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.
    So, get all your documents ready and fall in love with Italy. Miei Migliori Auguri!