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Things To Consider While In Quarantine Or Self-Isolation ( COVID-19)

Posted on Mar 28, 2020
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Today, the world is witnessing something it has never witnessed before. The virus known as Covid-19 has turned the world upside down. People everywhere are taking preventive measures and staying at home.
My advice to you is in times like these students need to make the most of their time. Instead of panicking, they should spend the time to prepare well, research about their dream school and brush their technical skills. Here are things you can consider while sitting at home-

Research potential colleges/programs
While you are at home, you could do a deep study on colleges and programs you are considering. I suggest you scan through each university website and understand its requirements.

Prepare for standardized tests.
As you have ample time at home, you should prepare for the entrance exams. Prepare with the help of mock tests, or quiz templates to familiarize yourself with the test. Study the test pattern thoroughly, as these tests are unlike what you have encountered in your school or college education. Also, watch YouTube videos and learn more tips and strategies to ace your exam.

Draft a winning resume
As you are at home, take the time out a prepare a crisp, error-free and coherently presented resume. While writing your resume, I suggest you don’t beat around the bush. Be specific and honest as that’s one thing admission officers appreciate. You can also use our resume builder tool to create a stellar resume.

Streamline your social media presence
Social media can help you enhance your story and make your application credible. If you have not been diligent about what you post on social media, use this time to sweep clean of all the unwanted stories that can potentially damage your admission chances.

Read! Read! Read!
Reading is a good way to absorb. Don’t restrict your choice of genre or author. The more you open your mind to new books, the richer your experience will be. See the world through the eyes of eminent writers, and you will gain valuable lessons from them. Join a library or spend time at book clubs to build your knowledge about books.

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All the Best!