College Selection

Study Abroad College SelectionEvery study abroad applicant is not cut from the same cloth, so how can you work with a generic list of colleges to apply to? We understand that you are unique, and you deserve to find the college that ‘best fits your needs.’ The ReachIvy team has a strong network of students, alumni, faculty and administrators.

We have our ear to the ground. Our Counsellors help you navigate through an exhaustive list of colleges to isolate the ones that would best match your profile and preference.

What This Includes

ReachIvy experts will evaluate your profile, background and help align your interests and goals with the right fit of colleges. We offer:

  1. Personalized College Selection Session
  2. Detailed Profile Evaluation
  3. Thorough Appraisal of Applicant’s Background and Test Scores
  4. Discussion on the Right Number of Colleges and Fitting Geographical Locations
  5. Identification of Suitable Colleges That Match Your Profile and Preferences
  6. Guidance on Appropriate Deadlines for Selected Schools (Round 1/Round 2, Early Action/Early Decision/Regular Decision)
  7. Curated List of Up to 15 Colleges for Undergraduate Programs, and 10 Colleges for Postgraduate Programs
  8. Expert Advice on All Aspects of College Selection

Please Note: Your personalized 1-hour session will be on Skype and can be taken from any location worldwide.

How It Works

  • 1 Complete your college selection form

    Complete your college selection form

  • 2 Upload it on to our online platform

    Upload it on to our online platform

  • 3 Determine your shortlisted colleges with the ReachIvy Expert via Skype

    Determine your shortlisted colleges with the ReachIvy Expert via Skype

  • 4 View ReachIvy's Expert feedback on our online platform

    View ReachIvy’s Expert feedback on our online platform

  • 5 Apply to best-fit colleges!

    Apply to best-fit colleges!

Work With The Best

100%of our experts have degrees
from top global colleges
99%admit rate for 5 school+ packages
0%commissions or referral fees
taken from any college
100%virtual presence helping
students across the globe

Success Stories

ReachIvy helped me choose the right business schools for me based upon my academic achievements, career progression, extra-curricular activities and future goals.

Arun Kunapareddy

Oxford, HEC Paris & IESE

The brainstorming sessions gave me a super structure to build my essays on while the editorial team helped me beautifully craft them.

Divya Sukumar


Right from college selection to my applications, the guidance provided to me was top notch. What I liked the most was the expert advise given to me for writing my essays.

Devansh Lathia

The New York University, College of Arts & Science

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