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Story of an International Student at McCombs School of Business

Posted on Jul 14, 2018
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Studying at one of the top MBA programs on the other side of the world seemed like an impossible dream to me. Yet here I am at McCombs, one of the best MBA programs that I could have possibly asked for.

My Life as a Student at McCombs

Often, we feel that we have limited resources. But in reality, even the ones available to us are more than we can handle. Before I joined McCombs, I explored all avenues offered by colleges to assess the value and quality of education: the coffee chats that schools offer, the contact details of student ambassadors and admins, the various websites with exhaustive information, and the information sessions that the schools host. After a thorough research, I was convinced that McCombs was the school that resonated with me on all levels.

How the McCombs Program Helps Me Blend In

The program that McCombs offers ensures that I cover my basics in the core classes before I move ahead in my journey and also allows me to choose which path I want to go down by providing a spectrum of electives to choose from.

While the academics are definitely a plus, I enjoyed the case challenges covering all the fields one could possibly want to enter after graduating, providing a taste of what it would be like to work in that particular industry. In addition to these, I found the micro-consulting projects that McCombs offers in partnership with various firms extremely valuable, as they helped a career explorer like me to narrow down my choices of industry. That said, no matter what industry I finally choose, McCombs has provided me a strong foothold in each of them.

“Any program, no matter how great, will not serve the purpose if you are not at ease in the environment.”

The one highlight of the McCombs culture is the extremely supportive environment and collaborative culture that makes one want to thrive and maximize one’s learning experience. I’d like to share an important experience to elucidate. An alumnus from a reputed school whom I met at a college fair once told me that the schools I apply to want to know what makes me a good fit for their program. I told him that while I admit it is a very important question, I also needed to figure out whether the school was a good fit for me. Any program, no matter how great, will not serve the purpose if you are not at ease in the environment. So, he advised me to talk to at least 3 people from the school, and if I feel I can have a conversation about anything with them, then it’s probably a culture that resonates with me. I followed his advice, and was pleased to find that McCombs was the one school I felt completely at ease with.

I regularly interact with people from all over the world who have all kinds of experiences to share. The second-year students have been a strong pillar of support throughout and I have been able to lean on my career and academic counselors whenever needed. Everyone at the university makes every effort to take care of your worries, so that you can focus on your priorities. One such major step is to ensure that no student has to go home alone late at night and is accompanied by a certified guardian.

Coming to McCombs has been one of the best decisions of my life and the way my journey is panning out, I feel that it will make all the difference in helping me accomplish my goals.