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In-Office Chat With the Admissions Officer From Yale School of Management

Posted on Nov 25, 2019
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The Yale School of Management is the graduate business school of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Its mission is to educate leaders for the business world and a better society. One of the best parts of Yale is being a part of the Ivy League. The MBA program is designed and built around a unique integrated core curriculum with great networking opportunities which sets them apart from the rest.
Today, it was great pleasure indeed for ReachIvy.com to host an event with Yale School of Management. Though the session was an in-office session, it gave us a broad perspective on the experience of studying abroad. The admission officer from Yale School of Management, Kate Botelho helped us understand Yale’s requirements, gave us insights and valuable tips on how to crack the admission process with ease.

Key Takeaways from an in-office Interaction session between Kate Botelho and Vibha Kagzi, CEO, ReachIvy.com are as follows:

  • 1.Academics
  • The 2-year MBA program at Yale is a highly academic integrated program that has a rigorous curriculum. This MBA program has around 60 students in the class who are broken down into 8-9 groups of students and further broken down into 3-4 students for the project and casework. The reason for this breaks down is to build greater teamwork and learn how to manage small groups effectively.
    The MBA program has online “raw” cases that simulate real-world decisions. This helps the students gain knowledge and understand how they can tackle real-life situations without any trouble.
    Another interesting fact about the Yale school of management is its global study exchange program where students go on a 10 days trip and spend time with other students from different countries. The purpose of this MBA exchange is to understand the business and cultural environment of different countries and learn how one can adapt in different environments.

  • 2.Scholarships/Financial Aid
  • Yale School of Management offers all scholarships based on merit. An interesting fact regarding this financial aid is that students don’t need to apply for each scholarship separately. Once the student gets admitted he/she is automatically registered for all scholarships.
    The scholarships at Yale range from 10000 USD right up to full tuition waived off. For candidates coming from India, Yale offers 5 scholarships to the top 5 Indian students. This Indian scholarship is known as India’s global scholars where half of the tuition fees are waived off. Kate also mentioned that there are other scholarships like the finance scholarship or the entrepreneur scholarship, I suggest you to refer to the website to know more.

  • 3.Application Process- The Behavioural Assessment Test
  • This year, Yale school of management introduced a brand-new feature in the college application i.e. the behavioral assessment. This assessment is a series of 120 statements based on the forced-choice model where the candidate needs to pick a statement that corresponds to the way he/she behaves. This assessment is used to measure the candidate’s interpersonal skills.
    There shouldn’t be any preparation done for this exam as this assessment doesn’t require prior knowledge. This test is used to set candidates apart from each other and helps the admission committee to judge these candidates easily

  • Yale school of management accepts both the GRE and the GMAT scores. However, the GMAT score cut off last year was 720 and the GRE cut off score was around 165 in verbal and 165 in Quants. Over this discussion, Kate suggested that every applicant should take the test as per his/her convenience and comfort level. She also quoted that practice each of the tests first so you know your strengths and weaknesses.

  • 5.Work Experience
  • The average work experience at Yale School of Management is about 5 years and they accept candidates with a minimum of 2 years’ experience depending upon the profile. The reason for having a requirement of 5 years’ experience is because admissions officers feel that candidates having more experience in the work environment will help them apply their knowledge in understanding the case studies presented to them in class. As the class at Yale gets filled with highly competitive and will have highly intellectual and experienced people from around the world. In order to be able to cope with the competition and to understand the concepts taught in class; it is important for the candidates to have a good amount of experience.
    The admission committee at Yale also looks at candidates with good leadership qualities, qualities such as whether the candidate had led a project or led an important meeting or has taken an opportunity to present their work in Infront of clients. These leadership qualities need to be elaborated in the application and supported by a good LOR from their seniors/bosses.

    Hope all these key takeaways were helpful. If you ever need help or any further guidance- Reach out to ReachIvy.com.

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