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How To Write A Winning Scholarship Application

Posted on Sep 09, 2019
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Hundreds of thousands of scholarships are made available to students worldwide every year and each is populated to the brim with applications. In such a mixed bag of individuals, it may be difficult to stand out. While there may be several candidates that fit the objective criteria, it is in the essay that you can highlight your unique qualities and individual case. It is thus imperative to write this essay concisely, eloquently and clearly such that yours is the essay that stands out among the thousands.

Tips on How to Write That Winning Scholarship Essay

  1. Identify and Understand Your Audience
  2. Before you get writing, it is very important to understand who will be reading your essay and identify their purpose. For example, a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture will have different candidate criteria and sensibilities than that from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Remember – when it comes to scholarship essays, one size does not fit all.

  3. Tell a Unique Story
  4. It is important to tell your unique story – that which makes you stand out from the hundreds or even thousands of applicants. To charge this story with passion will also be apt and will add a more personal side to it. Remember, the essay is where the committee gets to know YOU.

  5. Tell the Truth
  6. As important as it is to tell show a passionate, personal side in your application, do not lie about these details. Tell only the truth without getting creative or exaggerating matters that may never have happened.

  7. Be Clear and Concise
  8. There is no point in writing paragraphs about the obvious. Instead, answer the question in short, getting to the crux of the matter without slacking around with unnecessary words. The most common blunder people make while introducing themselves is stating the most obvious facts and beating around the bush for a good paragraph before even saying anything of importance to the reader.

  9. Don’t Just State Your Accomplishments
  10. You are introducing yourself. Not making a paragraph-form copy of your C.V. Remember this, and say why your accomplishments matter, what you learned and how that is relevant to the committee.

  11. Read, Revise, Edit
  12. Writing is only 75% of the work done. The rest of it lies in reading, re-reading and making sure that all that has been written is in flow, devoid of pesky typos and spelling errors, and flows in a lucid manner. Make sure your essay matches the prompt and give each individual sentence its due attention. If unsure, it would also be prudent to get a second pair of eyes to have a look at the application for errors and inconsistencies.

Remember – you have all the means to make changes before turning your application in, so give it your best shot, start early and make sure you have completed the full process. Having submitted the application, however, the best you can do is wait.

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