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What’s the Campus Vibe? 4 College Experiences to Gauge Before Studying Abroad

Posted on Aug 29, 2019
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Have you heard of the word campus vibe and wondered why it is important? Why do students make college visits to try and gauge if they would fit in, in the long term?
More simply understood as the campus culture and atmosphere, the campus vibe majorly consists of the students in the college and how the community functions. The campus is a living, breathing organism and offers a variety of experience; however, a single leaning can be often found – particularly with the student crowd at any given university.

How Do You Gauge Campus Vibe of a College?

Simple: you visit it. While this might not be the top factor influencing your decision to study at an institution, it’s crucial that you understand its importance. Here are 4 considerations to bear in mind when visiting campus.

“There’s a lot more to picking the best colleges other than just the ranking and ‘top university’ status – it’s about to be your home for the next few years and you better be comfortable there.”
  1. 1. What Kind of a Crowd Does the University Attract?
    Who studies at the university? Students. Who do you think will drive your experience throughout your year(s) in the course then? Students, of course!
    The student body and their leaning are extremely important for potential applicants (also read as you) to consider as you also will, over the course of your stay at the university, interact and eventually make friends with them.
  2. 2. Active Organizations on Campus? Does Anything Interest You?
    On-campus organizations and clubs make up for a good chunk of your experience outside of academics and are a great way to meet like-minded people and friends. Thus, it is important to be on the lookout for those that interest you – these will make your time in a foreign setting much, much more comfortable.
  3. 3. Does the Teaching Method/Style of the University Suit You?
    The teaching methods and style at a university does make an immense amount of impact on how fruitful your stay on a particular campus for the next couple of years is going to be. You could ask for permission to sit for a few lectures to sample this and see if it matches your learning style – after all, you’re there to learn, and it might as well be the most compatible experience.
  4. 4. Do I See This Place as My Home for the Next Year(s) That I Study Here For?
    If the answer to this is no – for a reason that you cannot discount, you might want to reconsider your choice of college. If you’re going to be uncomfortable in the duration of your stay at the university, it’s best you look at other options and see how they compare.

“First-Timer Butterflies” is Normal. Don’t Fret!

First-timer butterflies is not new. You will start to detest or be scared of all aspects of a new place or experience. Why is it important? Most of the subjective experiences – especially those with people could be out of a fear that emerges from this being new for you. A good way to steer clear of this is to cross-question your own negative/positive feelings and gauge how valid they are in the long term.
Also, never make the decision to attend/not attend a given college because of hearsay – if you cannot make the visit, look up reliable sources and the college website itself to gauge whether it is right for you, and make your decision. After all, there’s a lot more to picking the best colleges other than just the ranking and ‘top university’ status – it’s about to be your home for the next few years and you better be comfortable there.