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Top Summer Programs In Business Schools

Posted on Aug 28, 2019
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A little exposure to the business world can go a long way in building a strong foundation and accelerating the speed of your success. And what better way to get a glimpse into this world than joining summer programs to satiate your curiosity and make the best use of this hiatus. Many top universities offer summer courses for young business aspirants looking for a peek into the life of business leaders and moguls.

  2. The entrepreneurship summer school

    Many business novices struggle with the process of converting a business idea into an actual venture. LBS’s entrepreneurship summer school elective will help you tackle those issues and guide you through the path of initiating viable businesses. Apart from this, the program would be an excellent opportunity for you to interact and discuss your ideas with peers, instructors and qualified mentors.

  3. 2. ESADE
  4. International summer programme

    ESADE, one of the most esteemed business schools in Europe offers a variety of summer school classes focusing on global issues apart from regular business knowledge. The university boasts of rich cultural diversity and enhancing expertise on issues of international importance. The motto of the program ‘Your passport to an international career’ rightfully says so as they offer the opportunity to learn and interact with people from varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds through their innovative learning system. You can also get to experience summer life in beautiful Barcelona along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The courses are divided into two periods with the first one usually starting from June 3.

  5. 3. OXFORD
  6. Global business management and finance

    Global business management and finance programme at Oxford Business school is designed for students aspiring to understand critical businesses, management, and financial knowledge. The focus of the program is on being financially aware in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. Oxford summer school programme also provides talks from world-class guest speakers and a platform for multi-cultural interactions.

  7. 4. STANFORD
  8. Various summer session programs on general management

    Stanford, one of the leading Ivy League schools provides various summer courses on business development, decision making, money, and banking. By culminating challenging academics and interesting extra-curricular activities, Stanford summer session is successful in imparting a rich array of business education in the global context. Some of the subjects are Accounting for Managers and Entrepreneurs, Introduction to Decision making, Introduction to operations management, etc.

  10. Markets and Management in Europe

    The German economy ranks high on innovation and development, hence making the Berlin School of Economics and Law one of the most renowned universities in the world, the best place for business students. The markets and management programme offers students a strong foundation in a dynamic marketplace and takes them on this journey through the example of vibrant Berlin with companies like Volkswagen. The course aims to make participants understand the development of the common market, the role of the central quasi-government and the economic stability enacted by a common monetary policy and the economic integration in Europe.

  12. International summer university programme

    Located in picturesque Denmark, Copenhagen Business school invites international students for their annual summer program seeking to develop entrepreneurial and business knowledge. The classes which run for a duration of six weeks offer courses like International Business and Globalization, Marketing Logistics and Retail Supply Chains, Blockchain and Sustainable Digital Infrastructures for Business, etc. The ISUP also emphasizes on enjoying Copenhagen and Danish Culture. They offer various social and cultural programmes for international students to make new acquaintances.

  14. Summer Business Scholars Program

    The three-week program offered by Chicago Booth Business School provides an ideal environment for students aspiring to be future leaders and strengthen their knowledge of the business world. The program promises to prepare students for future jobs and career by delivering a distinctive competitive advantage. The subjects in this program include Financial Accounting and Microeconomics; Strategy, Marketing, and Operations; and Finance and Game Simulations.