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Best Art Colleges Around The World

Posted on Aug 28, 2019
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Decided on pursuing a career in arts but unsure about which college to choose? After much deliberation you must’ve chosen your desired field of study, so why not aim for the crème de la crème of art colleges. Here’s a list that will help you in choosing the best art college and follow your passion.

  1. 1. California College of the Arts (CCA)
  2. With its wings in San Francisco and Oakland, California College of the Arts is the perfect place for creative-minded individuals who strive for innovation and originality. The university boasts of diversity, an excellent place for art students to meet new people and share ideas. The four core disciplines of the college are Architecture, Design, Fine Arts and Humanities+ Sciences. Underneath these categories are a variety of courses which promise to enhance and refine students’ skillset.

  3. 2. School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
  4. SAIC is one of the most historically significant independent schools of art and design. It believes in freedom and provides opportunities for aspiring individuals to grow as artists under their wing. The recently built Modern Wing of the Art Institute provides numerous resources for students to learn and develop their abilities. The various areas of study in SAIC are Animation, Art and Science, Ceramics, Costume Design, Digital Communication, Fashion Design, Liberal Arts, Photography, Writing, etc.

  5. 3. MIT
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most highly-selective, elite school in the world which is renowned for its School of Engineering, School of Science and School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences among many other things. The MIT SHASS portfolio includes linguistics, writing, theatre arts, music, history, digital humanities, literature, etc. The skills MIT SHASS emphasizes are critical thinking, creativity, judgment, and communication.

  7. 4. Royal College of Art
  8. Located in the iconic city of London, the campus of the Royal College of Art is spread over three significant cultural quarters of London. Renowned for Research and Innovation, RCA is credited as one of the best institutes for Art and Design around the world. The different branches for degree programs are School of Architecture, School of Arts and Humanities, School of Communication, School of Design, Graduate Diploma Art and Design and Master of Research RCA.

  9. 5. École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris
  10. It cannot get any bigger than Beaux-Arts de Paris, an institute which was founded over 300 years ago and lauds Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Eugene Delacroix, and Claude Monet as its alumni. Build for classical arts in the 17th Century, the university has now blended the classics with modern additions to the curriculum like photography and hypermedia.

  11. 6. Parsons School of Design
  12. Parsons is the only American art and design school with a comprehensive university. New York cities, one of the biggest hubs for design and communication, is home to Parson’s main campus. It offers a variety of programs like Fashion Design, Fine Arts and Foundation, Graphic and Digital Design, Photography, Architecture, Communication Design, etc.

  13. 7. Carnegie Mellon University
  14. Apart from being renowned for its science and technology programs, Carnegie Mellon is also popular for its School of Design. They are one of the only leading design schools to offer degrees at undergrad, graduate and doctoral levels within a top-ranked multi-disciplinary research university. The undergraduate program is divided onto Products i.e. Industrial Design, Communications i.e. Graphic Design and Environments that is Physical and Digital. People from non-design backgrounds can enroll in their one-year MA program to learn the fundamental principles of Design. The Ph.D. program lasts for four years.

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