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Top 3 Tech Tips to Boost Your Career

Posted on Sep 17, 2019
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While you’re on the couch, bingeing on Family Guy, texting your friend about your weekend plans, in a fully air-conditioned room, you barely notice how deeply technology has penetrated and made life easier. Imagine what you’d be doing without these – probably just sitting in or attempting this long-distance socialisation in person.
Considering the leaps that we have taken in terms of these conveniences and luxuries, why haven’t you let it spill over to your career aims and ambitions? Are you using technology to get that edge yet? Do you know how to do that?
“If driven, there’s much you can achieve using technology including time management, career planning, and much more.”

Allow us to list down three of the most basic, extremely functional technological assets you can use as allies to help build your career.

  1. 1. Online Learning (E-learning) Services

    These have gained a tremendous amount of traction in the past decade owing to the simple process and the functionality of a school that they offer in a package that is often free of all costs. The best part? They allow you to learn anywhere – even on your mobile. This makes an e-learning service an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to pick up a new skill, extra knowledge relevant to their goal and ambitions or just wants to learn something new. What’s more, these courses from online services like Coursera are certified by reputed universities and recognized worldwide, which means that they will be able to lend credibility come time they have to.

  2. 2. Use Social Media to Gain a Professional Edge

    Contrary to what you might think, your social media posts and activity – especially on professional networks such as LinkedIn do help you work towards your goal. Oversharing – having that photo of you vandalising walls – may not really help you get that corporate job you have always wanted. However, if this is an absolute must for you, it would be an extremely smart choice to leave these things on a privacy setting that allows only friends to see it.
    Use your social media to project yourself in the best light possible – this is how the world sees you, and you can control how they do so with the help of this nifty service.

  3. 3. Build a Good Resume (Or Use a Resume Builder Tool)

    It is important after all, to have yourself a good resume – it’s not the cherry on top of the cake, but the mould that holds your cake’s mix together while you bake it. Use it to your advantage, and like social media would project you to the world in general, the resume is a very specific arrow in your quiver that’s homed in on potential employers.

Say all that is relevant to the job profile to project yourself in a format that doesn’t include hearts, bubbles or the informal jazz that pulls you down. If you aren’t exactly a designing or MS Word whiz, a prudent choice will be to use a resume builder tool. An excellent example would be ReachIvy’s Resume Builder tool, crafted to perfection with insights from years of professional counselling experience. You can check it out here and make sure you craft that perfect resume to land you that perfect job.

These are the three most basic yet effective ways in which you can use technology to drive your career ambitions.

If driven, there’s much you can achieve using technology including time management, career planning, and much more – you name it, the internet has it. Dig deep, get working, and grow a career that you dream of.

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