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Top 5 Benefits of Studying Abroad on Your Resume

Posted on Mar 29, 2017

If you aim to become a change maker in a globally connected world, a degree from a world-renowned institution of learning becomes an absolute must. For us Indians, this means studying in a renowned international college in order to access the best education and proudly display the name of our alma mater on our resume to entice employers. Study abroad is a sign of intercultural competence that appeals to your potential employers.

Here we delineate the top five incalculable benefits that studying abroad confers on your resume:

1. Better job opportunities. The outstanding quality of education at an international university arms you with teeth to take on the challenges of the world. Therefore, it is natural for any employer to select a candidate with a degree from a foreign university. Studying abroad also gains relevance in the current scene of multinational companies entering or investing in our market systems. A degree from a foreign country will provide you with an edge over other prospective candidates. As more and more multinational companies are seeking to enhance their workforce to meet global demands, with an international degree on your resume, you can be sure to make it to the top of the list of contenders for on-site opportunities and international postings.

2. Relevant projects and work experience. Many degrees abroad emphasize on hands-on knowledge and train students to resolve real world issues effectively. In addition to the regular lectures and homework, international curriculums encompass a range of components including project work, case studies, opportunities to enter case competitions, field trips, interaction with industry, exchange programs abroad etc. Recruiters look at a variety of attributes when evaluating you for a job opportunity, ranging from your internships to part-time work experience on or off campus or full-time experience during academic breaks. With a degree from abroad, recruiters know you are industry-ready with abundant exposure to relevant projects and work experience.

3. Talent and grit. Universities abroad have stringent acceptance criteria as well as a rigorous academic calendar. When your prospective employer sees the name of a top university on your resume, they know that you have passed successfully through an intensive program from a world-class university. This alone projects you as someone with both talent and determination, who has the potential to be an asset to an employer. Your myriad experiences at home and abroad demonstrate the qualities an employer looks for in candidates suited to meet their requirements.

4. New skill sets. If you are migrating to an English-speaking country, you will better your skills in English. If your destination is a non-English-speaking nation, you will learn a new language, which will surely be an exhilarating experience. In both cases, a new skill gets added to your resume. In an increasingly globalized society, this can inevitably increase your chances of a thriving career. Multinational companies always look for employees who can easily communicate and understand international contacts or clients. Besides, when you study abroad, you get the opportunity to connect with a range of people from all over the world. This sensitizes you toward different cultures, builds empathy and makes it easy to feel at home anywhere at all. Your socially, culturally, and traditionally enriched experience will add to your already impressive resume. You learn various key competencies such as leadership, adaptability, open-mindedness, flexibility, and so on, which transforms you into a global citizen. This unique cross-cultural skill set and understanding makes you better equipped to become an employerʼs preferred choice among multinational companies who run their operations worldwide.

5. Better remuneration. An international degree is an investment which gives you manifold returns. With an industry-ready international degree on your resume, you become that much more valuable in the job market. You receive better offers and can even negotiate better terms for yourself than your locally educated peers. A resume which highlights a degree received from an international institution will set you apart from your competition. A survey showed a 25% higher starting salary for study abroad students vs. college graduates in India. Maintaining this earning advantage translates to out-earning your counterparts at Indian institutes.

Studying abroad simply adds an incalculable polish to your profile. Not only will your resume look that much more impressive, you will be able to reap the myriad benefits of such an education all through your career.  It’s up to you to effectively communicate the skills and proficiency that will benefit an organization and convince them of the value of your experience.

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This article was also published in DNA on 27/03/2017.

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