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Posted on Apr 21, 2016

Caerleon-Lawn-21With school accepting less than 10% of students in a particular cohort, the competition to secure an admit has become ever more fierce. For the class of 2018, Harvard University will admit 5.9% of applicants; Princeton will admit 7.28% and University of Pennsylvania will admit a generous 9.9% of its applicants. However, do not let the statistics distract you from your goal.
If you are a college applicant, looking to study abroad, here are few practices which successful ReachIvy applicants have adopted in the past to convert their dreams into reality.

Top 10 successful applicant strategies while preparing to study abroad

1) Start early. Getting a head start is the best advantage to have –be mindful of the time and energy needed.
2) Crack the GMAT/GRE. Keep adequate time for a second attempt incase your scores are not as expected.
3) Research your schools- it is imperative to find the right fit.
4) Adhere to deadlines. There is no recourse once you miss an application date.
5) Consolidate your finances to fund your program.
6) Find your most productive time of day to ideate.
7) Falling and getting up is going to be a part of this journey.
8) Don’t fabricate your story. Schools want to know the real you.
9) Get help. It is always helpful even for the most proficient writers to get another perspective.
10) Edit, edit, edit and edit some more.

Dream big. Plan well. Hustle hard. Success is yours!


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