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How an International Education Equips You for the Future Workplace

Posted on Jul 14, 2018
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International Education

The world is constantly changing with new technologies invading our lives. In the past decade alone, we have seen a world of change taking place in various platforms. Smartphone technology, digital revolution, introduction of Artificial Intelligence has permeated into the way we conduct business. The collateral effect of these tech disruptions are also impacting the future of education and the future workplace.

In this dynamic world, you cannot afford to act or think local. As job markets evolve and job descriptions encompass a broader range of competencies, employees will also need to change track to keep up with the competition. The future workplace is a far cry from the older traditional models, where operational hours and location were fixed. In this scenario, an employee equipped with a global skill set is better poised to make the transition to the future workplace. Here are 5 ways how an international education will help you find a higher ground in the future workplace.

1. The Independence Will Develop Your Self-Confidence.

As you learn the ropes of living independently in a foreign land, you get to experience the rough and tumble of life. The natural outcome of independent living is a growth in self-esteem. You will be more assured in your thought and expression.

In the future workplace, you need to be poised with a high degree of creativity, independent thinking, and self-confidence. The workspace of the future requires managers who can think out of the box. If you are confident, individualistic, and mature, you can bring in your own flavour to the organization.

2. You Will Learn to Chalk Your Own Career Graph.

You hold the reins of your own career. Whether you choose to be cross-functional or move laterally up the ladder, your experience with studying abroad gives you a broad range of experiences to prepare you for the future world. Companies of the future want employees to expose themselves to a diverse set of skills. With an international education, you don’t just equip yourself with quality education, you can deploy modern technology to leverage your position and work your way up the graph

3. Use Global Network to Cast a Wider Net

Whether you choose to become an entrepreneur or a professional in the future workplace, you will need to develop a robust and rich network that will help you tap into global markets. The future workplace transcends beyond geographies and rigid structures. While studying abroad, you can make deep inroads into a far-reaching global community. Connect with the alumni, faculty members, staff and students in your university. Share ideas, thoughts, experiences, and gain insights from others. Look at problems with a multi-faceted approach, instead of tackling them with a singular mind-set. Your global education opens a whole vista of opportunity to amass a wealth of information as well as a strong network

4. Develop New Skills to Cope With the Future Work Environment.

Workplace problems get increasingly complex.  To excel in your future career, it’s imperative to be able to identify the knots, and untie them the right way.

With a broader education base such as an international study program, you develop the ability to assess complex challenges, dive to the root, weigh your options, creatively design and execute a plan to overcome the problem. You also learn to present Plan Bs in case of emergency.  This is one of the reasons graduates from premier engineering schools are recruited for non-technical roles.

5. Co-Working in Paperless, Unstructured a Future Work Space

The need of tomorrow’s workplace is speed of delivery. Naturally, technology will play a key role in engineering efficiency into the future workplace. Also, today’s professionals can’t afford to work in isolation.  You need to interact with your division, but increasingly jobs require effective cross-divisional, cross-cultural and cross-border coordination.

Your international education brings you the best of resources to engage, employ and leverage team work to yield better output. By honing interpersonal and communication skills, you learn to tune in to bringing in greater efficiency, collaboration, and adopting a flexible mind-set.

Will you learn how to impact the world? Will you be equipped to become a thought leader or a global business icon with an international education? Sure, you will. A study abroad experience is dynamic and far-reaching. Whether you identify learning solutions for the visually challenged, or work with a global team to derive alternative clean energy resources, you will find open the doors to a hundred different exciting futuristic business opportunities.