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How To Stop Procrastinating

Posted on Nov 22, 2019
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It’s almost midnight and a very important assignment is due. You look at the computer screen, wishing that you could stop time just for 5 minutes to finish this dreadful task. But alas! The clocking is ticking like always and your mind starts going back to all the time you wasted. Trust me, you are not the only one. Procrastination is a major issue that plagues a lot of people in this generation. Most of the times, it feels like something that can’t be helped. You can’t change your behavior overnight but there are some ways that can help you stop procrastinating.

  • 1.Find out the reason behind procrastinating
  • People procrastinate for a variety of reasons- you don’t want to do the task, you don’t know where to start, assume that you work best under pressure or fear of failure. Find out which one is yours and ways to tackle it. If you don’t like the work you are supposed to do, think of any interesting aspect about it or the repercussions you might face. Knowing why you are not doing something is the very first step in actually accomplishing it.

    • 2.Don’t waste time regretting

    Don’t think of all the time you wasted and beat yourself up for it. Guilt and regret would take up more of your precious time which could’ve been spent doing something productive. There’s no point in thinking of the past which you can’t change now. Instead, get up on your feet and say ‘I can do it’.

    • 3.Eliminate distractions

    Keep all the things aside that are in your way of achieving what you want. Turn off your notifications as nothing is more distracting that the constant pings and lighting up of the screen. There are various websites and apps that let you block some sites temporarily. If you think you are constantly hooked on to your favorite site, then make avail of these applications.

    • 4.Prioritize tasks that are more urgent/ important

    Begin with the tasks that are more important and require maximum attention. Then move on to the less urgent task. If you think something is going to take a lot of your time then start with it first. The feeling that you get after checking off a crucial task is incredible. You will probably feel even more motivated to finish up other things.

    • 5.Divide work into small parts

    It is natural to get intimated by the large amount of work in front of you. So, break it into small parts and focus on completing them one by one. Make a to-do list so you know the direction in which you are supposed to go. Divide and Conquer!

    • 6.Focus on getting things done rather than striving for utmost perfection

    Some people procrastinate because they just can’t stop refining the already completed task. Excessive perfectionism is another hindrance what will never leave you feeling satisfied. So, instead of nibbling at the finished task, focus on getting others done first, then go back to previous tasks. It’s great to be proud of your work and feel like you have done the absolute best but keep the deadlines in mind.

    • 7.Ask for help when needed

    If you need any help, approach your friends or family members to keep tabs or remind you from time to time.

    • 8.Reward yourself

    Give yourself breaks once certain tasks are completed. A reward might motivate you to work even harder. Watch T.V or spend some away from your computer screen or books to relax and refresh yourself. But make sure you don’t exceed your break time and procrastinate again!