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Effective Communication: Body Language Tips to Make A Good Impression

Posted on Nov 07, 2019
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Actions speak louder than words, and your body language speaks more about your attitude than words ever can. Your facial expressions, gestures, actions and posture, all form an important part of your nonverbal communication. Effective body language can play a great role in building rapport and making a good first impression.
As soon as you meet a stranger, you are already judging and making decisions about their personality subconsciously. Especially in nerve-wracking situations like a job interview or public presentation, you want to come off as amicable and confident. Monitoring your body language becomes crucial in such circumstances. Here are some tips on how you can present yourself and create a lasting impression through body language.

  • 1.Practice Power posing
  • Power posing is basically assuming a ‘powerful’ posture which has a positive impact on your behavior and attitude. A powerful pose can create the illusion of confidence and authority. Research has shown that spreading your arms in front of your body or sitting with your hands behind your head can give you a sense of power. The classic ‘wonder woman’ pose with hands on your waist works as well

    • 2.Appear attentive. Do not fidget

    Appear as if you are listening to the conversation the entire time. It gives the other person the assurance that you are engaged in the conversation. Avoid fidgeting your fingers, checking your watch or looking at your mobile screen. You might be doing these activities subconsciously, so pay close attention to your actions as well as the conversation.

    • 3.Establish a strong handshake

    A strong, firm handshake can go a long way in your business as well as personal relationship. It sets the tone that you are someone assertive yet approachable.

    • 4.Do not cross your arms when meeting new people

    Crossing your arms is a classic defensive stance. You might not intend to do it, but for a person meeting you for the first time, it might appear as aggressive or cautious.

    • 5.Keep your back straight. Do not slouch

    Slouching gives a feel of being nervous or not caring about the situation. So, keep your back straight when you are walking as well sitting on a chair.

    • 6.Align your body in the direction of the person you’re talking to

    Face the person while talking and align your body in the same direction. Showing them that they have your complete attention can help build trust.

    • 7.Subtly mirror actions

    Copying the movements and gestures of people can help build a rapport and air of familiarity. Maintain an appropriate degree of mirroring or you might make the person feel uncomfortable.

    • 8.Smile and nod whenever necessary

    A positive vibe can help build an instant connection and what better way to do it than a genuine smile. Smiling boosts your mood as well the recipients. So, smile and nod whenever appropriate.

    • 9.Use gestures while talking

    Sometimes, accompanying your speech with actions can help deliver a message in a better way. So, do not hesitate to move your hands or use gestures while talking. It also gives the illusion that you are being genuine and honest.

    • 10. Maintain eye contact

    Maintain the right amount of eye contact throughout your conversation. It is said that ‘A person’s eyes are the doorway to their soul’. Your eyes display your emotions and state of mind, something you can’t communicate. It also shows that you are in agreement with the person and are paying close attention.

    Here you have it. Keep these tips in mind whether you are trying to make new friends, building relationships at the workplace, or preparing for an interview!