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10 Tips For Boosting Self Confidence

Posted on Dec 11, 2019
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“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval”. Mark Twain could not have been more accurate. The way you see yourself is a direct reflection of how you want others to see you. No great personalities became confident overnight. Building your self-esteem is a constant, strenuous process. But once you are confident in yourself and your abilities, the sky is the limit!
Here are some tips that would help you boost your self-confidence.

    • 1.Visualize who you want to be

Paint a mental picture of yourself in your head and believe that you ARE, in fact this person. Think of who you want to be and what can you do to become this person. Visualizing does not mean pretending to be someone you are not; it is simply a guiding path in becoming a better version of yourself.

      • 2.Fake it till you become it

TYou might have heard the phrase ‘Fake it till you make it’. People often confuse it with pretending to be someone else or altering their personality to the likes of others. But that is not what it is. Faking it is basically convincing your brain that you are in fact the version of yourself you want to be. But why stop after you make it? Rather ‘Fake it till you become it’. Don’t stop after attaining that one single accomplishment. The human mind is the biggest mystery in the whole universe. If you successfully convince your brain that you are the person you are meant to be at this moment, it registers it as a constant trait. And with repetition, you will become this person in no time.

      • 3.Positive vibes only

Discard all the negativity in your life and let only positive vibes in. Believing in your skills comes easy if you are happy and positive in life. So, use the right words and positive affirmations. Get up in the morning and say ‘Today is going to be my day’. Negative thoughts can impale you’re your self-esteem. So, steer clear off anything that discourages you.

      • 4.Monitor your body language

The way you move and the way you act also tells a lot about your personality. Your body language speaks more about your personality than words can. Sit upright and walk with purpose. Avoid slouching. A firm handshake can also go a long way in creating a good first impression.

      • 5.Don’t strive too hard for perfectionism

Often when you’re trying too hard to get something right, you display your anxiety and worries to the outside world. Being a perfectionist is fine as long as it does not take a toll on you. Perfectionists are almost never satisfied with themselves and even quit before they start. It crushes your self-esteem and leaves you feeling angry with yourself.

      • 6.Empower yourself with knowledge

You will start feeling better about yourself knowing the fact that you have something to contribute to the world. And you would get that feeling only when you have the knowledge to do so. Empowerment is very important to boost your confidence. And what better way than to read books and develop a powerful mind.

      • 7.Speak out loud

The way you talk is as important as the things you are talking about. Your tone reflects how you feel about your opinion. So, speak out loud. Let others understand your valuable contribution. Unless you believe how important it is, others won’t too

      • 8.Try to be helpful and generous

Helping others can make you feel better about yourself. So, try to be of help in any way you can. Volunteer at organizations and shelters. The feeling of satisfaction that you get can be a major self-esteem booster.

    • 9.Take care of your physical and mental health

Take care of yourself, physically and mentally. Exercise and eat healthy food. Believe that you deserve breaks from time to time. Mediation is a good way to calm yourself. Unless you are mentally strong, you won’t be able to demonstrate it physically

    • 10. Love yourself

And finally, accept yourself the way you are. Change for the better but never consider yourself unworthy. It is hard to be confident if you are busy hating your own self. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you!