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What a Student of Texas McCombs MBA Program Has to Reveal About the College

Posted on Sep 17, 2019
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Name: Anumeha Bansal
Designation: MBA Candidate, Class of 2019
School Name: McCombs School of Business

Could you provide a short description of yourself?

I think for me the question of “Why do an MBA” and “What I wanted out of this experience” was what paved the path to answering “where” I wanted to do an MBA. Even though I started with a rough idea of where I wanted to be, the journey taught me to analyze my own strengths and weaknesses, the culture and environment I was most comfortable with, and how I saw myself progressing, both professionally and personally. I had a couple of things I wanted my MBA experience to have, such as, a small, congenial class size, a place that offered different ways of learning, and a place where innovation is at the forefront. Starting my research with these aspects in mind I soon figured that McCombs fit the bill in all respects, and one year later, I can proudly say it was the best decision I made.

The McCombs MBA Experience: How It Changed My Life

Being at the low end of the work-experience curve in the MBA aspirants, I wanted a curriculum that made me aware of everything business. McCombs “Core” curriculum does just that, giving you the foundation to think about business problems more holistically, and having effective conversations cross-functionally. Very early in the program, I found myself challenged, juggling academics with networking events, applications for MBA+ projects and Fellows programs, my student organization commitments, as well as recruitment. It was a huge learning experience, as it made me reinforce the importance of focus and discipline, I had to stay true to my goals and make every experience count.

I especially enjoyed my MBA+ project experience, a mini-consulting project that McCombs offers in conjunction with companies to resolve real-world business problems. It really helped me explore industries and functions that I wanted to but had previously no experience with, work with a diverse team and at the same time add new skills. Having worked in India, it also gave me a great sneak peek of working in a whole new geography and culture. Throughout my first year, I’ve worked on some of the most culturally and experientially diverse teams, be it my class study groups, case challenge teams, my MBA+ project, or every week as part of Marketing Fellows. As a strong believer in peer-learning, I was truly amazed by the breadth and depth of expertise that my peers brought to the table. This camaraderie and team-based learning experience has easily been the highlight of my journey here at McCombs.

Giving Back to the Community

One of things that struck me about McCombs when I was making my decision was how comfortable I felt speaking my mind and how well I connected with people I spoke to. Learning about the different avenues that students are involved in the program, was a huge draw for me. We have a saying: “Leave it better than you found it”, and true to it, I see my peers every single day, striving to strengthen our cumulative MBA experience. One of my favorite ways I do my bit, is working with the McCombs Ambassador Committee to help introduce prospective students to the McCombs experience.

In the past year, I have leaned on various people for support and guidance: be it the career counselors and communication coaches for my interview preps, the MBA program office for my day to day queries, or my fellow students and second years. In sharing these experiences together, I have built some amazing relations, and I know these will stay with me long after the MBA program.

I wasn’t sure of what to expect coming into the MBA program, but as I reflect back, it has truly been, one of the most learning experiences of my life.