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Valuable Time Management Tips For Students

Posted on Aug 26, 2019
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Phones, television, social media… how are you supposed to concentrate and finish your studying on time? Managing time effectively is one of the main issues a lot of students face. Juggling between school, social life and extracurriculars can take a toll on you. But if you stay organized and make efficient use of time, the balance would be easy to maintain. Here are some of the tips that will help you get things done on time.

  1. 1. Take time to research and plan
  2. Before getting started with your work or studies, plan everything you want to accomplish by the end of the day. Spend sufficient time on this activity because instead of thinking of what to do next and wasting time in the process, think once and for all what needs to be done and work on it.

  3. 2. Make a to-do list
  4. After planning and organizing, make a list of things. Set the order based on priorities; something that needs to be finished first, an important topic to be covered, etc. This arrangement will help you save time and stick to the deadline. Checklists are also important so that you don’t accidentally forget to do something that might cost you your grades. Focus on one item at a time and keep on checking them off, as and when they are done.

  5. 3. Don’t procrastinate
  6. Postponing tasks has never done anyone any good. Procrastination can damage your mood, your potential, and peace of mind. Putting up things for the next day is like carrying a huge burden on your shoulders. Instead of constantly reminding yourself to do something, simply do it right now. Identify the reasons behind your procrastination and devise strategies on overcoming them.

  7. 4. Discard all distractions
  8. I am not saying that you should completely let go off your smart devices. But for the time you are studying or doing work, avoid using them as much as possible. Unless you require your phone or laptop while studying, keep their use to a minimum. If possible, turn the notifications off. This can prove to be really helpful as the constant ping disturbs your trail of thought, making you lose precious time. Eliminate disturbances and focus solely on your studies.

  9. 5. Make a schedule…and stick to it
  10. To keep yourself in the habit of staying organized, make a timetable or a schedule that would help you monitor your activities. This can also be a record of all the things that are done and left to be done. Studying small amounts regularly can help you relax and breathe in peace during exams. And I know, it is easier said than done. But once you get used to it, you will automatically see the difference it makes.

  11. 6. Make pointers or note down key takeaways
  12. While studying, make note of the key takeaways or crucial points from the topic. This would come in handy while you are revising. You wouldn’t need to read the whole chapter again. Just refer to your own notes and move on to something else. Writing notes in your own words also helps you remember things better. And voila! Your revision would be finished before you know it.

  13. 7. Award yourself
  14. It is likely that you would feel tired and lethargic after a point. So, don’t forget to reward yourself. This can be a mini-break, a nap or watching TV for a while. Breaks will make you feel refreshed and motivate you to work harder. Another trick you can use is put chocolates against pages. So, if you complete a certain number of pages at a certain time, you will earn the treat. Chocolate is a good enough incentive to encourage someone to finish things. Use your weakness to your advantage!

  15. 8. Rest well
  16. And after everything is over, allow yourself to relax and rest. A good night’s sleep is very important for a healthy, functioning body. Never compromise on your sleep. Rest well to prepare yourself for another smashing day!