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Top Study Abroad Courses after 12th Science

Posted on Jul 14, 2018
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You are enrolled in 12th Science, and in the midst of all academics, the reality of an undergraduate degree has just started to catch up with you. As a science student, the number of options available to you is more than most other courses, owing to the tremendous scope for mobility among science students. With all these options, it is easy to get confused between streams and courses, more so if you are keen on pursuing one abroad. If you are looking for a resource with the best options you have to study abroad after 12th Science, you have come to the right place. Here is a handy list, segregated as per the different streams available to you:


Chances are, if you have completed your 12th grade in the Science stream, you might be looking for an undergraduate program within the same field. For students looking to study abroad after 12th Science, within the same stream, here are some prudent options:

  1. Bachelor of Technology/Bachelor of Engineering (B.Tech/B.E):
    A B.Tech is one of the most sought-after undergraduate programs among Indian study abroad students, owing to its popularity on the home ground itself. Unlike the B.Sc degree which is mostly a Pure Science degree, the B.Tech degree is an Engineering degree, which has a plethora of specialization options such as Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and so on.
  2. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc):
    A B.Sc degree, unlike the B.Tech degree, qualifies as a pure sciences degree. Even as the general trend seems to gravitate towards the B.Tech degree, the B.Sc holds its own ground among those interested in research and academia in their respective fields. Some popular offerings for specialization with the B.Sc degree would be Mathematics, Chemistry, Zoology, Biology and so on.
“Ask yourself: ‘Where do my strengths lie?’ and ‘What are my career ambitions?”


Specialized in Science, but found your calling among numbers and sheets? There are several options available for those that wish to shift their focus to the fields of commerce and study abroad after 12th Science.

  1. Economics
    A course in economics is an apt one for those interested in getting into professions such as investment banking, economist, auditor and several other apart from the academic options.
  2. Accountancy and Finance
    Accounting services are a necessity for almost all organizations, and thus seems to never be out of demand. Those pursuing a course in accountancy and finance, however, to work as accountants, may need to clear a qualifying exam.


The Arts field has been recording a consistently increasing number of admissions to its programs, and 12th Science graduates are joining in on this trend. Here are some top courses abroad in the arts field that might be lucrative to Science candidates:

  1. Architecture (B.Arch)
    A course in Architecture could be a very fulfilling option for Science students that look to have the best of both fields – technical and creative – in their career and education choices.
  2. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    The Bachelor of Arts is the most common Arts undergraduate degree. Common specialization options available to student opting for a B.A. degree would be English, History, Economics, Philosophy and so on.
  3. Business and Management (B.B.A/B.M.S and equivalent courses)
    Interested in understanding and breaking ground in the business field? Getting into a business and management program after your 12th science course might just be the right thing for you. A course in business and management will arm you for a range of careers in the management and executive arenas.

These being the most popular options among students, do note that this is not an exhaustive list. Outside of the courses and programs mentioned, you could potentially take up several others that are not mentioned here. It all boils down to two things: Interests and Career Goals.
For those still confused about what you want to do after your 12th Science in terms of studying abroad, a good question to ask yourself would be, “Where do my strengths lie?” and “What are my career ambitions?”.

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