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Top 5 MBA Myths Students Fall for Every Year

Posted on Mar 28, 2019
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The MBA is one of the most sought after postgraduate professional programs among both – experienced professionals and fresh graduates alike. However, with this popularity, there also comes a series of myths associated with earning an MBA. Most of these not merely surround the enigma that top B-School admissions are made out to be, but also the entire idea of an MBA degree and what it can do to your professional career (the Pros, mostly).
These solidified rumours are no different from WhatsApp forwards – they are false, misleading and give you a false sense of the ground reality.

Allow me to dispel these top 5 myths for you, so you do not fall for them.

  1. 1. You Become a Corporate World Goliath After an MBA!
  2. It is common for MBA aspirants to go in for their programs and applications with the hopes that once completed and obtained, the MBA certificate will become their trump card in the professional world.
    However, this is not the case. What an MBA program abroad (or even locally) will do for you at the barebones level is merely equip you with the knowledge and insight about businesses. The rest of it is up to you – your networking, interpersonal skills and so on. Even with an MBA you start from the bottom and have to climb your way up.

  3. 2. B-School Rankings are Everything Your MBA Program is About
  4. Yes, it is important to get into a good institution. However, it is also prudent for candidates to not pigeon-hole their thinking into believing that one university is better for them just because it ranks higher than another. It is important for to note that applying and aiming to get into the B-school that best fits their goals and needs is more important in the long run than would be getting into a top B-school and having an unsatisfactory two years.
    Taking into account factors such as location, financial aid, culture, teaching methodology, faculty and so on are more important than, if not as essential as the rankings themselves.

  5. 3. Getting Into a B-School Guarantees That You Exit With A Good Network
  6. This is not merely oversimplification of what to takes to build a good network, but also extremely misleading as to what a B-School has to offer to the aspirant. It has you believe that a B-School program comes pre-packaged with a network of people.
    However, that is not the case – not one bit, in fact. Sure, you’ll meet interesting people with impressive credentials, but it is imperative to follow-up maintain these ties.

  7. 4. A B-School Program Will Necessarily Burn a Hole in Your Pocket
  8. Yes, these programs can tend to get quite, quite pricey. However, when studying abroad, or even looking to enter a top B-School, there are several ways in which aspirants can have their education financed – partially, or even fully. Once you stop believing in this, the financial aspect of enrolling in a B-School abroad or within India will cease to be a hurdle.

  9. 5. An MBA is the Last Step in Your Education
  10. Learning is constant – to supplement this, several institutes provide a range of certifications and other courses one can take up at most points of their professional lives. An MBA does not have to be the end of the line for you – maybe get that CFA Certification, get working on a doctoral program, or even do a second MBA! The choice is yours to make, taking into consideration your career goals and where you wish to be in five years.

These are some of the most popular myths propagated by those too ill-informed to teach a brute – do not fall for these, keep an open mind, keep questioning and keep the dream on.

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