Cracking The GMAT

Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Img_1The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized test considered by most business schools as a paramount data point in the admissions process. It is understandable why the test warrants special attention from prospective MBA applicants.

This adaptive test (begins with relatively simple questions and gradually increases in level of difficulty based on the candidate’s correct responses) is often misconstrued as a business-focused exam with emphasis on Math. However, the GMAT also tests your verbal and written skills. While some may presume that it is easy to crack the GMAT given that basic concepts are tested, students actually end up making numerous mistakes given the complexity of the questions and the multiple choice responses.

Business schools are generally open to a wide variety of GMAT scores, but 650+ out of 800 scores are considered competitive.

Top 10 tips for cracking the GMAT:
1) Plan and take the GMAT early – Your GMAT score remain active for 5 years. Don’t wait till the last minute to take the test.
2) Understand how the exam works by deciphering the scoring patterns – starts at the beginning, understanding the scores.
3) Practice! Practice! Practice! – Golden Words.
4) Go back to reviewing the fundamentals if you get a question wrong – Review your mistakes. Refer to your GMAT study guide to know where you went wrong.
5) Strengthen your grammar – The verbal section matters more than you think.
6) Build your stamina by solving full length practice tests.
7) Simulate the test taking environment when taking practice tests – Push Yourself. Take a challenging GMAT practice test to know where you really stand.
8) Check the time periodically while taking the test but do not panic – Don’t forget to time yourself even on sections.
9) Ensure you don’t leave any question unanswered – The penalty for a question left blank is higher than that of an incorrect question.
10) Pace yourself and you will ace the test, if you follow our GMAT tips above.

Based on our past experiences with successful students, ReachIvy recommends the above tips to crack the test and move forward in securing your dream school admit.
Win the GMAT!

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