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Benefits Of Pursuing An MBA After CA

Posted on Aug 26, 2019
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Many Chartered Accountants deal with the question of whether to pursue an MBA or not. After much hard work and sleepless nights, you have finally cracked the CA exam. Is going after another degree really worth it? If you choose when and where perfectly, then the Business school experience will do wonders to your personal as well as professional life. Here are some of the benefits of doing an MBA after CA-
  • 1.Overall knowledge of the business
  • MBA programs equip you with the knowledge of a company’s internal functions and how businesses operate. This will help you in making better contributions in office meetings by providing solutions to problems and not just data. An MBA degree exposes you to different perspectives. Understanding different sectors of the firm will help you gain varied perceptions and understand the problem better.

  • 2.Career prospects
  • Rising in ranks will become easier since you already have the knowledge and skillset necessary to manage people. Business schools, especially top-tier ones focus on honing managerial and leadership skills in students. Companies nowadays are looking for CAs with a business focus who would fit the role of a CFO perfectly. An MBA degree also opens up various opportunities in the popular finance sphere like Investment Banking and Equity Research. And later in your career if you wish to open up your own firm, you can easily do so with your knowledge from your MBA program.

  • 3.Networking
  • CA does not provide much networking opportunities. Business Schools, on the other hand, attract people from different backgrounds and nationalities. In top schools like Harvard, Stanford or Yale, you will be interacting with some of the most brilliant minded people around the world. These connections will prove to be invaluable in your professional life. If you are in any dilemma or having a hard time making a business decision, these professionals will be there to help you or might even become your business partners. These schools also have great alumni networks that would help you understand the corporate world better.

  • 4.Personal growth
  • MBA programs are known to hone your personal skills. CA increases knowledge and builds strong foundations whereas MBA helps you shape your personality. Team building, communication, decision making, etc. are some of the abilities that get enhanced in Business Schools. The healthy competition at these schools will help you stay sharp and at the top of your game. You will also develop your confidence to work in the corporate world.

  • 5.Monetary advantage
  • Top firms are now looking for professionals who have completed their CA and attained an MBA degree. There are great benefits to your career, especially in monetary terms. Though the investment in an MBA program might be much, the returns are definitely worth it. Various doors would open up to you, giving a boost to your career. Investment banks, especially, are also looking for CAs with an MBA background. Securing a degree from a top college will definitely guarantee you a successful professional life. That being said, an MBA program might not be for everyone. It completely depends on your interests and what you are looking for professionally. But for those who are passionate about learning, an MBA might be the best option for them out there. It is a great opportunity to build a holistic profile and get exposure.