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Ways To Improve Your Team Building Skills

Posted on Nov 15, 2019
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Group projects are often regarded as a burden. Be it a school activity or a team venture in workplaces, working with others comes with its own sense of responsibility and stress. But it needn’t have to be. Working with a great team is a phenomenal feeling. It boosts your abilities and motivates you to work harder. So, honing your team building skills are as important as your hard skills. Here are some ways on how you can improve those skills and build an effective team.

  • 1.An efficient leader
  • A leader is someone who understands his team and pushes them in the direction of efficiency. A leader can either make a team or break it. Leading a group is not simply allocating tasks and supervising subordinates. You need to know everyone’s caliber and utilize their full potential. A team can function smoothly only if the team leader is competent enough.

    • 2. Maintain transparency in Communication

    Misunderstandings can create a wall between colleagues, making it impossible to work together. It is crucial that you communicate with your team and take them through your every move in a group activity. A simple chat can clear up so many misunderstanding and doubts. Especially in workplaces, a group discussion can help maintain clarity and transparency to avoid any disputes or mistakes. Emphasize the importance of each member’s contribution and encourage people to speak their mind.

    • 3.Set ground rules and values

    MTo ensure that everyone is on the same page and avoid confusions, set some ground rules beforehand. These don’t need to be hard and fast regulations, but rather boundaries that everyone should maintain. Values are something you believe as a team and strive towards following them

    • 4.Establish an amicable relationship with your colleagues

    You don’t need to be best friends with the people you are working with. Even a simple, casual relationship can help build esprit de corps. It will get increasingly easier to express yourself and understand unspoken feelings. A good relationship with colleagues is shown to have a positive influence on your work.

    • 5.Foster trust and co-operation

    Trust is the secret ingredient that holds the entire team together. As a leader, one should encourage the members to build a cordial relationship based on trust. And as a member of the team, you must believe in others’ ability and establish a relationship based on faith and co-operation.

    • 6.Delegate responsibilities without any bias

    Allocate responsibilities to members without being partial. Delegate responsibilities based on the person’s capabilities and not any personal bias. Be a fair leader as well as a team member. A team will function smoothly only when everyone Is given equal treatment.

    • 7.Take a consensus when making important decisions

    Take everyone’s opinion into consideration while making a decision. When your ideas are considered, you feel like you are an important part of the team. To build this team spirit, address everyone’s concerns and views. Work on solutions together as a unit.

    • 8.Accept differences respectfully

    When a lot of people are working together, there are bound to be differences in ideas. Take criticisms into stride and try to understand different perspectives. Conflict resolution is an important skill needed for leadership. Encourage brain storming sessions in a positive environment. Mediate when necessary to avoid disputes

    • 9.Ask for feedback

    Feedback will help you improve your ways and behavior. Knowing what your colleagues feel about your work ethics can help you grow professionally and personally.

    Keep all these suggestions in mind while planning your next group project!