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5 Things MBA Consultants Won’t Tell You (But We Will!)

Posted on Aug 08, 2018
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So, you have chosen to study abroad at a reputed college. However, you don’t know what to do. An instant Google search reveals that you have to appear for a GMAT exam, target a good score and then apply to top colleges overseas. Where should you apply? How do you apply? What are your chances of getting admitted to top schools? How much will you have to pay for tuition? What kind of jobs can you expect once you finished your education?

There is a plethora of information on the Internet. Each article gives you information but does not give you a step-by-step personalized advice. You have tons of questions in your mind, but the advice online is distant, if not irrelevant. So what do you do? Look out for MBA consultants who will help you study abroad.

Good thinking! But have you decided how you will filter your search to find the right consultant? Do you know what to ask your potential counselor so that you ensure that you are in the right hands? We’ll help you navigate these waters, as the road ahead can be tricky.

1. Past Performances Can Be Deceptive
When you look for the right MBA consultants, the first thing that may come to your mind is their track record or past performance record. True! A consultant who has more than a 75% success rate is clearly better than those who haven’t proven their mettle. However, numbers can be deceptive. Is the 75% plus success record indicative of good services? Should you not check the absolute numbers too? For instance, what if the 75% comes from 20 students who have been counselled? Which means, the MBA consultant had offered counselling to 20 students, of which 15 got admitted and 5 did not. Now consider another situation. If the consultant has counselled 1000 students, with a 75% success, the success record makes is 750 students. Now, you connect the dots and figure out which one has more valuable experience.

2. Does Your Consultant Help You Target Top Colleges?
It is easy to fall in the trap of success records. However, a quick fact check will reveal lacuna in the quality of past records. Getting accepted to colleges abroad is no big deal. You can do that even without any help. But if you have a select list of top colleges which are premier, top-ranking global colleges, it would be challenging to get admitted to them. A good MBA consultant will ensure that you create a target list of the right mix of colleges to ensure the ‘best fit’ for your needs. Your list of colleges should include those that are within and beyond your reach. Additionally, your counsellor should help you identify the right colleges based on your profile and your requirements. It is of no use to go to a top college if you are not getting admitted to the program of your choice over there. At the same time, you cannot afford to target below your capability simply because you want to study abroad! You have to balance your ambitions, needs, and your capabilities to get the ‘right fit’ college.

3. Are You Getting Personalized Counselling?
Generic advice is all over the internet. But each student is different and each case has to be handled differently. There is no ‘one size fits all’ formula when it comes to counselling. Hence, it is essential that your counsellor offers you unique 1 on 1 sessions to cater to your need. A program generated feedback report does not help you leverage your strengths to get into the best programs abroad. Hence, ensure that your MBA counsellor is offering you personalized, customized feedback and advice.

4. Does the Counsellor Have First Hand Experience of Studying Abroad?
An alumnus of top college abroad can add immense value to the counselling, as they bring their experiences and insights to the table. You can maximize your chances of getting into top schools, simply because you have an insider’s perspective to help you analyze your application. At times, their tips and tricks can save you loads of time and energy to help navigate through the rough waters.

5. Does Your MBA Consultant Write Your Essays for You?
If you are getting pre-fabricated, templated, and structured essays from your counsellor, who writes your story after you have given a brief sketch of your personality, then consider it as the death knell. Having someone else write your essay on your behalf is as good as asking for rejection. No one can bring out the original voice in the essay other than you. The consultant should only review your essay to ensure that you have presented a strong case, and written a coherent, persuasive essay. An overly polished essay can raise eyebrows and make you sound dubious, especially if your GMAT verbal score and GMAT essay reflect that you don’t have a strong command over English.