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Samika Palan

Posted on May 21, 2018
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“Seamless Collaborative Platform”
“When I approached ReachIvy for my applications, I had one goal in mind – to go to Rotman. This was a personal as well as an academic decision for me. My family stays in Canada and it is the best B School there.

I was sensitive to the costs involved but was also aware that I would need ReachIvy’s proficiency to give me direction. In spite of having an unconventional background (I was working with a non profit for 1 year 2 months), I wanted to pursue an MBA in Finance – mitigating that was the true challenge. With ReachIvy’s expertise, I communicated that in my essays. In spite of being in Mumbai, I didn’t have to physically travel. We used their online collaborative platform and worked beautifully with minimal face to face meetings. This really cut travel time and helped me use that time more effectively.”