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Bhavya Nag

Posted on May 21, 2018
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“Critical, Story-specific Advice”
“I signed up for an interview preparation session with ReachIvy after being invited to interview by Kellogg. Before the session, I wasn’t sure how to go about preparing for the interview. During the course of the hour-long session, the ReachIvy counselor critically analyzed my responses and gave me great advice that was specific to my story. This gave me a sound framework to structure my preparation – I became confident that I was well-equipped to handle the interview. Thanks in large part to the counselor’s inputs, my interview went very well and I was accepted by Kellogg. I was able to apply the same principles to prepare for my interview with Wharton, which is where I’ll be heading this fall. I doubt that I would have achieved this success without ReachIvy’s help!”