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Abhishek Bhaker

Posted on May 21, 2018
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“Helped Me Introspect, Get Back on Track”
“I approached ReachIvy after getting rejected from 4 interviews. I signed up for interview prep service on my brother’s recommendation. The counselors at ReachIvy don’t mince words. They don’t try to be your friend just to make you feel good. Yes I did ‘prepare’ for past interviews with help of another experienced professional counselor (LBS alumnus) but I was unable to introspect and was not improving much. What ReachIvy achieved is that they dug deep for the problems, fed them to me straight and tried to get me to be honest with myself so that I could pick myself up, dust off and do as instructed to get my preparation on track. The counselor was able to spot interview questions pertaining to my profile. She helped me organize my thoughts and hence made it easy to identify my areas of weakness. I saw a mirror that I was afraid to look into. It showed me not just at what I had become, but what I could become. I cannot think of money better spent. I would never have been successfully admitted to BOTH, Paul Irvine and Schulich, if not for ReachIvy. I wish I had known them when I started my applications. Thank you team for keeping the sessions intense and for being so patient with me during my blur moments.”