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Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B)

The Bachelor of Laws is an undergraduate law degree that is conferred upon candidates after completing an undergraduate program in most countries, barring those that require the Juris Doctor degree such as USA and Canada. The Bachelor of Laws program equips one with the knowledge and insight necessary to pursue a career in law and enforcement. There are several types of specializations available to aspirants owing to the all-encompassing nature of law.

Course Overview:

Recognition: Globally Recognized

Duration: 5-7 years depending on institute and country

Specializations: Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Property Law, Domestic Law, etc.

Grading and Assessment: Varies based on country and institute


 Global Differences:

There are several differences between different law degree globally owing to the different nature of regulation put up by the overlooking bodies.

For instance, the LLB program is no longer offered in the US, with the standardized degree being the Juris Doctor degree which is necessary now before being eligible to appear for the bar exam and practice law. This could take anywhere between 6-7 years.

By contrast, law degrees in Indian typically have a 3-year duration. However, almost all Indian universities now offer law degrees in an integrated fashion, where they are combined with different Bachelor specialization. This format takes anywhere between 5-6 years.

Why do a Bachelor of Law/ Is it Right for me?

A Bachelor of Law degree can be a highly challenging yet intellectually stimulating and satisfying one to pursue. This is due to the overarching nature of laws in modern society and the fact that they are inevitably related to almost all areas in life – ethics included. Those looking to pursue a Bachelor of Law degree may do so due to the public interest involved in it too. Law degrees inherently can be just as engaging as they are challenging as they often include ‘moot’ sessions, and other hands-on practically driven methods of study.

If you are looking for a course and career that is both intellectually stimulating and challenging, the Bachelor of Law might just be what you are looking for.

In choosing the degree that is correct for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Subjects: What subjects do you wish to study? Does the study of law interest you?

Curriculum: Review the course content and teaching style thoroughly and ask yourself whether it is what you wish to learn.

Career Options: Does the degree put you on a path to realizing your career aspirations? Do you wish to be working in fields related to Law?

Entry Requirements: Do you have the appropriate entry requirements? E.g: Work experience or appropriate undergraduate degree.

Interests: Do your interests lie in the field of Law? Are you enticed by the problem solving, hands-on aspects of the study and practice of Law?