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Bachelor of Journalism (B.A.J)

A Bachelor of Journalism (B.J. /B.A.J.) degree is typically awarded to candidates at the end of a three to four-year program in which candidates are intensively trained in journalistic skills – both theoretically and in a practical sense. The Bachelor of Journalism is a popular option among those looking to make a career in media and journalism.

Course Overview:

Recognition: Globally Recognized

Duration: 3-4 years, depending on University or country.

Grading and Assessment: Varies based on country and institution



Considering that the Bachelor of Journalism program is undergraduate in nature, interested candidates will be required to have completed a high-school course (10+2) or an equivalent program. Candidates looking to pursue Journalism abroad may have to complete the requisite language and aptitude tests such TOEFL and IELTS.

Why do Bachelor of Journalism/Is it Right for you?

Does the prospect of telling people’s stories interest you? Are you naturally inquisitive about world events? If yes, Bachelor of Journalism might just be the course you would want to take up. It will prepare you for a career in journalism – a field that never goes out of demand – and help you grow even at the individual level as you pick up important skills relevant to surviving in the profession such as networking and critical reasoning. Apart from that, careers in journalism are extremely dynamic in nature and thus challenging in nature.

In choosing the degree that is correct for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Subjects: What subjects you wish to study?

Curriculum: Review the course content and teaching style thoroughly and ask yourself whether it is what you wish to learn.

Career Options: Does the degree put you on a path to realizing your career aspirations? Are you interested in a career in Journalism and Media?

Entry Requirements: Do you have the appropriate entry requirements? E.g. Work experience or appropriate undergraduate degree.

Interests: Do your interests lie in the field of Journalism? Does the prospect of investigating, collecting and presenting information entice you?