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Master of Finance (M.Fin/MiF)

A Master of Finance (M.Fin/MiF) is a post-graduate program that equips candidates with all the tools necessary to pursue a career in Finance. A Master of Finance course will last between 1-2 years depending on the institution. Owing to the universal, ubiquitous nature of finance, experts and graduates in this field are always in demand.

Course Overview:

Recognition: Globally Recognized

Duration: 1-2 years (depending on the institution)

Specialisations Available: Financial Markets, International Finance, Financial Planning, Financial Engineering, Financial Management, Financial Econometrics

Grading and Assessment: Varies based on country, university and subject



Universities offering Masters of Finance may require their students to have work experience beforehand besides an equivalent Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Economics. However, this varies from university to university. Some may also require their students to take the GMAT test to be eligible for the Master of Finance course.

M.Fin or MBA? Which one is right for you?

An M.Fin program is highly specialized in nature. It trains you in a range of finance related subjects – quantitative finance, financial theory, mathematics to name a few. An M.Fin graduate can thus take up a job in any of their fields that demand financial skills.

An MBA program on the other hand provides learning on a range of subjects that are business related such as entrepreneurship, economics, communications and management. Thus, due to the nature of MBA programs, graduates are ready to take up executive and management positions in a vast array of fields and industries depending on their specialisation.

Why do a Masters in Finance/Is it right for you?

A Masters in Finance being as focussed as it is in developing the candidates’ skills to match the fields’ will be an apt choice for those that look to work as bankers, stock traders, risk managers, among other options. In addition, given the lack of requisite job experience for most M.Fin programs, it is an ideal course for recent graduates looking to specialise.

In choosing the degree that is correct for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Subjects: What subjects you wish to study as it might only be offered in either as M.Fin or MBA.

Curriculum: Review the course content and teaching style thoroughly, as an M.Fin in a subject vs. an MBA may vary significantly from university to university.

Career Options: Does the degree put you on a path to realising your career aspirations?

Entry Requirements: Do you have the appropriate entry requirements? E.g: Work experience or appropriate undergraduate degree.

Interests: Do your interests lie in the fields of finance or business and management?