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To pursue a Master’s degree is a big decision in many aspects: academically, financially, and professionally. The first step is to understand the profiles of successful candidates through their essays, LoRs and resumes. Mine into our treasure trove of samples from past candidates who have worked with ReachIvy to realize their dream of studying abroad.

Watch our Masterclass videos facilitated by subject matter experts, tutorials to understand how to use the opportunity of studying abroad to its fullest, and get a sneak peek into the ‘campus vibes’ to get ready for the big move of studying abroad.

What opportunities can one pursue after your Master’s? Which degrees are the most in demand? What position will you take on, and how will you grow? Our career library will help you get a better understanding of the road that lies ahead. Use our planner to customize these career goals to your own interests and skillset.

Our ‘Essentials’ section addresses all the big questions of every aspirant: how will I fund my education? Which country should I study at? What are the different programs? Should I go for my Master’s or apply for a research program directly? How can I showcase all my accomplishments in my resume effectively? We have them covered.

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01 Dec 2018

Havard Law School LLM Round 1 Deadline

04 Dec 2018

Stanford University CS Round 1 Deadline

15 Dec 2018

MIT Computer Science Deadline

17 Dec 2018

UC Berkeley CS Deadline

03 Jan 2019

MIT Finance Deadline

15 Jan 2019

University Of Washington, Seattle – Human Computer Interaction R1 Deadline