Study Abroad Counseling

Study Abroad CounselingWhen it comes to admissions, there are no second chances! If you want to give your study abroad application the best shot possible, join us for personalized counseling services. Get counseled by Harvard, Cornell, and other top global school alumni and boost your chances to get into your coveted college. Need help before you decide what package you should buy? Call now!

What This Includes

  1. Profile Evaluation with Detailed Feedback
  2. Next Steps with a Realistic Time-Line
  3. Career Planning & Guidance
  4. Resume Building Recommendations
  5. Guidance on Standardized Test Requirements and Target Scores
  6. Academic Options and Pre-requisites
  7. Guidance on Extra-Curricular Activities for Profile Development
  8. Special Tips for Campus Visits
  9. Critical Analysis to Create a Distinct Identity From Your Peer Group
  10. Advice on Upskilling and Certifications
  11. Creative Conceptualization to Leverage Your Resources and Goals
  12. Expert Tips for Just in Time Applicants
  13. Evaluation of Multiple Courses or Opportunities
  14. Real Time Knowledge Sharing for Study Abroad Options
  15. Holiday and Time Management Advice

Please Note: Your personalized one-hour counseling session will be conducted on Skype. You can use the hour to discuss any of the above.

How It Works

  • 1 Complete your counseling form

    Complete your counseling form

  • 2 Upload it on to our online platform

    Upload it on to our online platform

  • 3 Discuss your profile with ReachIvy Expert via Skype

    Discuss your profile with ReachIvy Expert via Skype

  • 4 View feedback on our platform

    View feedback on our platform

  • 5 Get a head start!

    Get a head start!

Work With The Best

100%of our experts have degrees
from top ranked global colleges
99%admit rate for students
who availed of our 5 school package
0%commissions or referral fees
taken from any college
100%virtual presence helping
students across the globe

Success Stories

ReachIvy is extremely professional. All the work is done virtually in a very streamlined manner – they deliver edits on time and expect the same of you.

University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

Sravya Darse

Thanks to my association with ReachIvy I got interview invites from 4 top US Schools i.e. Columbia, Cornell, NYU and Johns Hopkins; and I am on my way to Columbia University this year!
Columbia University, MS Real Estate Development

Siddharth Karnavat

ReachIvy’s team of brilliant editors, brainstormers and counselors has been a source of constant support throughout the process.

University of California, Berkeley

Nikunj Jain

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