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Study Abroad Counseling

“All the counselors are very well qualified. They all have gone through the application process themselves, which makes them even more suited for providing guidance”.
Tanya Mishra
Admitted to London Business School

Don’t know how to target top schools abroad? Use our study abroad counselling services.

It helps to seek counseling for studying abroad from alumni of top schools because they know the admissions process inside out! Our counselors from Harvard, Wharton, Cornell, and other top schools give you exclusive, and personalized study abroad counseling services with detailed feedback and a roadmap. Give your study abroad application your best shot!

What This Includes

    1. Profile Evaluation with Detailed Feedback

    2. Next Steps with a Realistic Time-Line

    3. Career Planning & Guidance

    4. Resume Building Recommendations

    5. Guidance on Standardized Test Requirements and Target Scores

    6. Academic Options and Pre-requisites

    7. Guidance on Extra-Curricular Activities for Profile Development

    8. Special Tips for Campus Visits

    1. Critical Analysis to Create a Distinct Identity From Your Peer Group

    2. Advice on Upskilling and Certifications

    3. Creative Conceptualization to Leverage Your Resources and Goals

    4. Expert Tips for Just in Time Applicants

    5. Evaluation of Multiple Courses or Opportunities

    6. Real Time Knowledge Sharing for Study Abroad Options

    7. Holiday and Time Management Advice

Please Note: Your personalized one-hour counseling session will be conducted on Skype. You can use the hour to discuss any of the above. College Selection is an independent session, kindly review the details here.

How It Works

  • 1 Complete your counseling form

    Complete your counseling form

  • 2 Upload it on to our online platform

    Upload it on to our online platform

  • 3 Discuss your profile with ReachIvy Expert via Skype

    Discuss your profile with ReachIvy Expert via Skype

  • 4 View feedback on our platform

    View feedback on our platform

  • 5 Get a head start!

    Get a head start!

Meet Our Experts

Grishma Nanavaty

MBA, Carnegie Mellon University
B.Sc., Warwick University

Shyam Gursahani

MBA, University of Cambridge
B.E., Mumbai University

Aparna Maroo Jain

B.Sc. London School of Economics

Udit Bhatnagar

MBA, IE Business School
B.E, VTU – Karnataka


MBA, Cornell University
BBA, BS, BA, UT-Austin

Ananya Jain

M-Fin, University of Cambridge
B.Com, Delhi University


M.Ed, Harvard University
B.E, Mumbai University

Madhav Pathak

MBA, Indian School of Business
MS, Carnegie Mellon University


MS, Harvard University
BA, Tulane University

Anniruddha Ghoshal

MBA, Cornell University
B.E., BITS Pilani

Ameya Bhangle

MBA, Harvard Business School
B.Sc., St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

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            [title] => Harvard Business School
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            [title] => University of Virginia
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            [title] => Cornell University
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            [title] => Yale University
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            [title] => Brown University
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            [title] => Columbia University
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    [7] => Array
            [title] => University of Pennsylvania
            [univ_logo] => https://www.reachivy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/penn2-1.png
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            [title] => Pomona College
            [univ_logo] => https://www.reachivy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/download-2.png
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