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What does ‘test-flexible’ and ‘test-optional’ mean?

Posted on Jul 08, 2016
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An increasing number of colleges in the US are becoming ‘test-flexible’, or ‘test-optional’, or completely opting out of asking students for their SAT or ACT scores. For example:

• One university on its website states it is ‘test-flexible’, which means instead of the SAT or ACT, you can submit other results such as 3 separate SAT subject tests.

• Another university admissions process is ‘test-optional’, which means you can withhold your results if you feel they take away from your application strength.

• A third university states that it does not require standardized tests scores at all. Instead, they are evaluating other aspects of the candidate’s profile when making their admission decisions.

However, unless you are sure your college selection includes only test-flexible or test-optional institutions, we recommend you take the SAT or ACT to prevent limiting your choices.