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Why are extracurricular activities important?

Posted on Jun 27, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

Engagement outside the classroom is an important aspect of the college application process. While universities look for good grades, they are also interested in well-rounded individuals. Most college applications ask about the activities that you are involved in during your free time, as it shows traits that grades alone are not able to demonstrate. For..READ MORE

How do I decide on the right high school for me?

Posted on Jun 27, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

An increasing number of students are changing their high schools. For some the transition is due to the qualification offered (e.g. IB or A-Levels), and for others it is to provide a more conducive learning environment. As you start building out your high school list, there is a wide range of criteria you need to consider..READ MORE

How can I maximize my summer holidays?

Posted on Jun 27, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

Here is a list of options: 1) Volunteer 2) Get deeper into extracurricular activities/interests you pursue through the academic year 3) Learn a new skill 4) Talk to seasoned professionals in careers that you are considering 5) Get a summer internship 6) Travel 7) Get involved on a college campus 8) Join a summer abroad..READ MORE

How can I maximize my academic year?

Posted on Jun 27, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

The school academic year can get very busy. There is a constant tug between excelling on the academic front, and delving into activities that could possibly tip acceptance to your dream college in your favor. Here are a few tips on how to maximize your high school experience: 1) Work towards the A’s. 2) Challenge..READ MORE