Career Test

Career Test“Ready for your next career jig? Test yourself to know whether you are a perfect match for the career you choose.

ReachIvy offers scientifically designed, validated career assessment tests that give you a closer look at your skills and aptitude, and helps you plan for the road ahead. Each test comes with an intuitive and critical analysis that lay bare the facts. Not just that, we help you chalk out your career keeping your interests, needs, and preferences in mind.

Test yourself. Plan ahead. Make your move today!”

What This Includes

  1. 30 Minute Career Test to Assess Your Aptitude Based On Scientific Principles
  2. Detailed Report About Your Personality, Aptitude and Skills
  3. Evaluation of Multiple Career Opportunities
  4. Identification and Shortlisting of Specific Career Paths
  5. Follow-Up Counselling Session for Expert Feedback (Add-On Service)

Please Note: All testing is done online; you will not be required to travel/visit our offices and can avail of this service from any location worldwide.

How It Works

  • 1 Receive an email with a link to our career test

    Receive an email with a link to our career test

  • 2 Complete the test online

    Complete the test online

  • 3 Download and review your report instantly

    Download and review your report instantly

  • 4 Make the right career choice!

    Make the right career choice!

Work With The Best

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from top ranked global colleges
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who availed of our 5 school package
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100%virtual presence helping
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Success Stories

What I loved about the test was the interesting spin on questions that made me stop and think. The questions intuitiveness resulted in an accurate perception of myself.

Steelcase Inc, Marketing Manager

Gautam Govindraj

The questions were really interesting and they made me explore my interest areas. The career buckets were extremely comprehensive and very well organised, too!

IIT Kanpur, Student

Akshay Kumar Reddy

In the report, the Graph, Personalized Analysis and Comments sections all seemed to be surprisingly accurate. It provided a way for me to reconsider my self-perception, strengths and weaknesses.

Brown University, 2012

Aamer Hassanally

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Why should you take the ReachIvy career test?

You should take the ReachIvy test because:
1. It is designed to discover latent skills, aptitude and talents.
2. The results are scientific.
3. All findings are based on thorough research and analysis.
4. It illuminates the right career path, giving it focus.
5. Personal and professional growth can be achieved.

How should I contact ReachIvy for a career test?

1. Click here to Register now/ Login and submit your query.
2. Once our team has reviewed your query in detail, we will email you a link to make your payment.

Who is the test for?

The test is suitable for students, job-seekers, career switchers and career returnees.
Candidates aged 14 years and above can take this test.

What are the key features of this test?

Scientific: This assessment is one of the few tests that truly measures the Holland six personality types, and also gives you the combined Holland profile of your personality.

Accurate: This assessment has been used by professional counselors for many years. It is based on the most respected and widely used career theory for its accuracy.

Personalized: This assessment gives you a personalised analysis of your key professional interests, so that you can focus on your strengths and move towards professional success.

Comprehensive: This assessment matches your profiles to 80 different job categories based on your interest profile and almost 400 different job functions. Career buckets include important careers and trending careers.

Unique: This assessment monitors social desirability and the inclination to present oneself favourably.

What is the science behind the test?

The test provides an in-depth analysis of your professional aptitude and motivation based on the RIASEC model. Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC), refers to a theory of careers and vocational choices based upon personality types. It is the most-used model for the analysis of personality types.

The theoretical framework behind the Holland Codes was developed by psychologist John L. Holland. Each letter or code stands for a particular "type": Realistic (Doers), Investigative (Thinkers), Artistic (Creators), Social (Helpers), Enterprising (Persuaders), and Conventional (Organizers).

The test was developed by using the latest state-of-the-art techniques in the field of psychometrics. The assessment is validated according to the scientific criteria established by the International Test Commission and by the American Psychological Association.

What is the duration of the test?

The test may take you up to 30 minutes to complete. You cannot stop and resume the test. The test has to be taken in one seating.

How can I take the test?

The test is available on our online platform and can be taken from anywhere and at any time as long as you have an internet connection.

How long will I have access to the test once I make the payment?

You will have one time access to the test for a period of 7 days.

What is the format of the test?

• The test consists of 84 questions based on real-life scenarios.

• You will require 12-15 minutes of focused time to complete the test.

• The test is taken on a secure web platform.

• Once you have completed the test, you will immediately see the report. It will also be available to you in your account. Alternatively, you can also download it in pdf format. The report is completely confidential and can only be accessed by you.

Do I need to take the test in one go?

Yes. You cannot take the test in parts. It has to be completed in one seating.

Do I need to prepare for the test?

No. There is no preparation required.

Can I take the test on my mobile?

The test runs across operating systems. We suggest you take the test only on a laptop or desktop and not on a mobile device.

How much does the session cost and how can I pay for it?

Our pricing information is confidential.
Payments can be made in 2 easy steps:
1. Click here to Register now/ Login and submit your query.
2. Once our team has reviewed your query in detail, we will email you a link to make your payment.

Where can I access my report?

You will be required to download the report from the platform. You can also view it anytime on the platform.

Can I see a sample report?

Download a full 22 page sample report here.

What are next steps?

Send an email to and we can schedule a counseling session to discuss your report!

Where can I give feedback post my test?

We would love to hear from you. Please provide your feedback here .

Terms and Conditions
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  • ReachIvy reserves the right to terminate your account at any point without prior notification to you.
  • Failure to submit the questionnaire/requisite documents duly filled and submitted via email at least 48 hours prior to the session will result in cancellation of your session.
  • For Masters/MBA the sessions are conducted with the student only.
  • The application work will only commence once ReachIvy receives full payment for the service. No part-payments/installments are permitted.
  • No refunds will be given.
  • All standalone services are valid for a period of three months.
  • ReachIvy is a merit-based, independent organization with no college affiliations/tie-ups and does not guarantee or promote admissions to any specific schools.