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Essay on Failure: How to Tackle This Tricky Question in College Admission Form

Writing an essay about failure for the college application is the trickiest job. Before you begin to craft your essay on failure, setback or challenges, make sure to understand what the college really wants from you.READ THIS POST

Need Blind Scholarship: What It Means and How You Can Fund Your Study Abroad

Need blind scholarship from Johns Hopkins University has put the limelight back on financing aid for study abroad. Learn what need blind scholarship is all about before you begin looking for student loans.READ THIS POST

Survive College Abroad: 6 Ways to Make it Easier for International Students

Surviving college abroad can be a breeze without the homesickness and workload if international students were to just make these small changes. From basic things like attending classes, to the more overarching habits to inculcate, there’s a lot a student can do to make it a little easier for them to get through college. Here are 6 nifty tips to help you out.READ THIS POST

How To Write A Winning Scholarship Application

Writing a winning scholarship application can change your life. It makes studying abroad affordable for students, allowing the meritorious to get into top colleges without breaking their bank. How do you make yourself stand out from the thousands of applicants around the globe? Write a perfect scholarship application. Here are 6 tips to help you achieve that end.READ THIS POST

Want to Study Abroad? Answer These 5 Questions to Know If You Are Ready to Apply

The decision to study abroad requires a carefully thought-out plan. Whether or not your overseas education student experience is fruitful depends on your readiness – from financing your education to adapting to a foreign culture. Answer these 5 questions to know how ready you are for the study abroad experience.READ THIS POST

Top 4 Places to Volunteer to Add Value to Your Study Abroad Application

Volunteering is highly fulfilling if you find the right place to volunteer. Volunteering activities also looks good on your resume, if you plan to pursue higher studies abroad. One can work and gain experience during their time volunteering as well pick up skills such as teamwork, leadership, and networking. Read on to know where one can volunteer.READ THIS POST

5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Your Resume for College Applications

Mistakes on your college application resume are to be avoided at all costs – they preface your impression on the company or institution before they might even meet you in an interview. Yet, many do not know how to write a good resume, often making silly errors. Stop making these five errors and ensure that you get in.READ THIS POST

5 Ways to Make the Best Use of Your Gap Year Before College

Taking a gap year before going for your next degree? It’s a choice among students that’s gaining popularity, and for good reason. Whether or not to make your gap year productive is up to you. At the end of it all, a productive gap year would mean you stand out from the herd of lay-graduates. Read on to know how to make that gap year count.READ THIS POST