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Why study in Singapore?

Posted on Jul 01, 2016

There are several benefits to studying in Singapore, ranging from enhancing employment prospects to developing a diverse skill set, to becoming independent. The top 3 reasons are:

1) Academic Excellence – Singapore has grown to become the educational hub for Asia. It hosts some premier institutions, and its programs offer a degree of flexibility, bringing the best of the UK and US systems.
2) ROI – Singapore offers a more affordable education compared to other popular destinations. Job prospects post-graduation are also higher if you are a top student on campus.
3) Close to Home – for some students or parents, it may be hard to make the leap from Asia to another continent like North America or Europe.

Singapore has a great blend of the East and the West. It is clean, has great roads, transportation, airports, and a cosmopolitan life. Yet the basic eastern values and culture are also evident in their lifestyle. It affords you the opportunity to study at top academic institutions and experience a world-class education.

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