ReachIvy is a premium education advisory that helps aspiring students get accepted into top tier educational institutions globally and reach their career aspirations through personal mentoring, online services and a wealth of knowledge accumulated over years of experience.

We recommend that students reach out to us as early as 4 years prior to their application. Along with counseling the students to build a strong academic profile, we also recommend taking our Psychometric test to understand how to scientifically arrive at the right career paths. Additionally, we assist with test prep by offering full-length practice tests.

During the application process, students eligible for High school, Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Masters, MBA and Executive Education) degrees receive all rounded guidance. We first build a strong understanding of the students’ abilities, aptitude and interests, then assist them in selecting the best suited educational institutes for them and guide them through the entire application process.

ReachIvy education specialists, who have graduated from top global institutes themselves, know the intricacies of the rigorous admissions procedure and the extreme attention to detail required by a top ranked university.

We focus on every aspect of the college application process (counselling, essay writing & editing, resume writing, letters of recommendations, interview preparation and ding analysis) to provide a comprehensive solution to maximize the students’ chances of getting accepted to an Ivy League or other top schools.

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