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Yash Mehta

Posted on May 21, 2018
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“Skilled Approach, Exact Communication”
“In a UK Masters app, the SOP is the single-most important document that ties up your past achievements and your future goals. The craft of communicating the right amount of information in the right manner to my top choice universities is what ReachIvy helped me achieve. Since I was in London. , we worked via email and ReachIvy’s expert editors helped me rework my essay to convey my thoughts in the most crisp way possible. ReachIvy showed me ways to focus my story and projected a skilled approach in exact communication, given the limited word allowance. My writing style remained intact, but the content and direction of my essays improved considerably. I also had a time constraint which was met at every step by ReachIvy. Not only am I glad that I came across ReachIvy, but I also encourage other students to partake of the fantastic services they offer.”