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Vedica Kant

Posted on May 18, 2018
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“Incredibly Structured Approach”

“I signed up for the 5 school application package with ReachIvy. At the first step, ReachIvy team helped in identifying which were the ideal top 5 colleges to work on in the first go. The second stage was brainstorming with the counselors. For me this was perhaps the most important and exhausting stage of the process – it was almost like therapy! – and really the most useful. The ReachIvy team was really incredible in spending the time to get to know me as an applicant, to get to know my background, my motivations for wanting to apply for an MBA and then using that information to feed into my overall application and essays so that I could tell the admissions committees a compelling personal story about myself, why an MBA, why now, what I hoped to get out of the experience and what I would add as an applicant to the School.
ReachIvy was incredibly structured in the approach to work and this was hugely helpful as an applicant. The online forms, while tedious to fill, meant there was a constant written record of my discussions with the team and that we could build on this in a trackable manner. Similarly, the editing process was extremely rigorous and the team was  quick to get back with feedback and further changes within 24 – 48 hours which allowed for fast progress with the application process. Personally, I found the editorial feedback on tightening my CV and esssays, to keep out the fluff, stay to the point and be as precise with my expressions and words as possible a huge, huge benefit of working with the team. They were also not afraid to make me re-edit the same line multiple times to get just the right phrasing, which was a sign for me of a team that was really behind its client.
The videos and manuals helped in getting a better understanding of schools and general feedback and advice on the application process.
I would recommend ReachIvy very highly. The team is incredibly tough and demanding, but that yielded results for me and overall it was a great learning experience to work with the team. It’s definitely one that has meant I am better prepped for embarking on the MBA!”